Hedendaagse Etsy haak feature selection is a two piece set: korte broek en een top. Het is door TristanStGermain. It comes in black, purple and turquoise and is available in various sizes. It is priced at $90.


San Francisco gebaseerd en haak-geobsedeerde schrijver, dromer en creatieve geest!

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  1. Are you going to be starting a kind of why-would-anyone-crochet-that-much-less-wear-it kind of regular feature here? LOL. (Just a Renee-thought; I have them, but lotsa times they are not appreciated.)

    Renee :)

  2. Goed, I’d love it in turquoise but my love handles would stick out much further than that! haha.

    • CrochetBlogger Antwoord

      @carolmckayau :) I love this shape and always look at it for swimwear but I don’t have the right shape to pull it off.

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