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The next designer up on the list in the Ontwerper haak Project series is Emanuel Ungaro. 50 Mode-ontwerpers die u moet weten Designer Crochet Project: Dries Van Noten legt uit dat “in the 1960s, Ungaro’s carefree mix of patterns and feminine draped dresses brought gaiety back to the austere Paris couture scene”. That’s a design I can get behind. Let’s see if it included any crochet.

Fashion Designer Emanuel Ungaro

Emanuel Ungaro worked as an assistant to two of the other fashion designers we’ve already reviewed: Cristobal Balenciaga en Andre Courreges. In 1965 he opened his own Parisian haute couture salon. He opened a boutique, launching his first read to wear collection in 1968. He went on to launch a men’s collection and a perfume line. In the mid-1990’s he sold his ready to wear label to Ferragamo although he didn’t officially retire until 2011. In 2004 he closed his haute couture line completely.

Emanuel Ungaro Crochet

I can’t find much crochet in Ungaro’s designs. There’s some knitwear in the more recent RTW collections.

Dit Buzznet vintage Ungaro find from 1967 looks crochet-ish to me.

This one is labeled as crochet although I do wonder if it’s not actually knit?

Silk lined crochet Ungaro maxi dress

Wearing Crochet with Emanuel Ungaro

I think this vintage Ungaro cardigan would look super cute over a basic crochet dress. Afbeelding via chictopia.

Modern Ungaro brand dresses have been paired on the runway with cowls and scarves. You could just as easily use a chunky crochet cowl in their place.

Ungaro Designs I’d Love To See in Crochet

1960’s Ungaro design

This color blocked vintage Ungaro sweater would look so cute in crochet motifs.

If you could own one of these Ungaro designs, which one would it be?


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