There are many different types of schools available for children today. In addition to the basic options of public school and private school there are numerous alternative options including the Montessori/Waldorf family of schools, charter schools, trade schools and the many types of homeschooling that parents can choose. At one school that I was recently reading about the students and teachers have equal say in what everyone studies. One seven year old make the suggestion that the kids spend their time learning to crochet.

An Alternative School

The Salt Lake Tribune recently reported about Sego Lily School, a school for kids aged four through eighteen that uses a democratic approach and the philosophy of self-directed learning to educate its students. Met andere woorden, the kids get to decide what they want to learn and the students and teachers each have an equal vote on what happens in the school. The idea here is that living IS learning.

7 Year Old Wants to Crochet

The kids at this school are apparently interested in trying many different types of things, which doesn’t surprise me. I know that I would have been a lot more interested in school if I was given some input about what we learned than I was when I had to take a certain book out of my desk at a certain time and that was that. At this school, students propose a variety of subjects including languages, culinary skills and art. One seven year old student suggested crochet. There were other students who agreed that this was something that they wanted to learn and that’s exactly what they did. A staff member (who is also a mom to three of the kids who go to the school) taught the kids to crochet.

Benefits of Kids Learning to Crochet

Regardless of how it came about, I think it’s great that the kids at this school are learning to crochet. Crochet offers an opportunity to practice a variety of skills while learning new things. Crochet always requires counting and usually affords the opportunity to practice other math skills as well. It improves hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. And crochet projects are often used to teach science, environmental awareness and and benefits of volunteerism. So I think it’s great.

Heb je (or do your kids) go to any type of alternative school? What are your thoughts on alternative education?


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