The video above is the most recent update I have to offer about my crochet art project Swaddle. In deze video, Ik geef een korte update over waar dingen staan met mijn kickstarter financiering en sommige inzicht geven in een van de stukken in het project, een stuk genaamd 40 Variaties op een oma.

Kickstarter Update

I am trying to crowdsource funding to make this crochet art project a reality. I am doing this through Kickstarter. I must receive $2000 in donations by November 14th at 7pm or else none of the funding will come through at all. As I said in my video, I want to give a huge support to those people who have donated as well as those people who have helped to spread the word in any way.

Donations as small as $1 are accepted. People who donate $5 will be represented by a stitch in one of the piece’s projects. People donating $20 or more will get to choose the color, number and stitch type that represents them in the piece. Bezoek de Kickstarter page here to make a donation.

Facebook Event Page

I wanted to give people an easy way to see when the Kickstarter funding comes to an end and to be able to spread the word to get others to donate if they can. Om dit te doen, I created a Facebook event for the fundraising deadline. You can visit the event page Hier and event others to attend to spread the word.

40 Variaties op een oma

In deze video, I introduced one of the crochet art pieces that is currently in progress. This is not the most complicated crochet piece but that’s precisely why I thought it was a good piece to start with in my explanation. Het heet 40 Variaties op een oma and is a piece in which different versions of a classic granny square are displayed in a larger square. Highlights of this project:

  • Each granny square is the same monochrome color (rood), made with the same yarn and same hook size.
  • The variation comes from changing up the traditional clusters of three double crochets that make up a traditional granny square. Bijvoorbeeld, I might use three single crochets or a cluster of single, double, triple crochet to make the pattern.
  • I will place all of these together on a large background for a visually striking final piece. Op de huidige tijd, I am thinking that the large background will be a large black and white granny square but I haven’t decided for sure.
  • The repetition of the granny squares represents the way that we repeat the same words again and again in many of our relationships. “Ik hou van jou”, “things happen for a reason” en “we’ll see what happensare examples of this.
  • The variations represent how the different ways in which we choose our words and silences can make an impact on what we are saying. Bijvoorbeeld, when we use “IK” statements instead of accusatory statements, we change the tone of a conversation even if we don’t change its content.
I hope you enjoy learning more about Swaddle and one of the pieces in the works for the project.

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