More Stunning High Fashion Crochet from Helen Rodel

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I love the crochet work done by designer Helen Rodel. She puts amazing crochet and knitwear on the runway in stunning colors, incorporating amazing textures and makes it look super edgy but still wearable every time. I recently noticed that her website has been updated since the last time that I checked it and there is a lot more there to see. So I thought I’d share it. Enjoy the crochet fashion eye candy!

Beautiful Fashion Film Footage

First there’s this beautiful fashion film:

From the New Collection

helen rodel bobble crochet sweater

helen rodel crochet pants

helen rodel crochet purple dress helen rodel new collection crochet

helen rodel rainbow crochet

high fashion rodel crochet

sexy helen rodel crochet

And more crochet fashion from Helen Rodel

crochet shirt helen rodel

helen rodel crochet fashion

Some of Helen Rodel’s clothing is sold through LuisaViaRoma.

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