Men’s Crochet Legwarmers Put Pep In Your Step

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Dudes who can pull off an original, funky style don’t have to look any further than the Lord von Schmitt Etsy store for great options, the newest of which is legwarmers for men. They’re colorful, they’re cozy, they’re perfect over skinny jeans. And they’re good for the environment since they’re upcycled from vintage afghans.

About These Crochet Legwarmers

lordvonschmitt mens crochet legwarmers

A note from the maker:

“Men’s leg warmers are back with a whole new style!! After prancing about in 1980’s dance sequences, men’s leg warmers have returned as a symbol of sustainability. We hand make our leg warmers out of vintage crochet blankets, giving us an incredible range of crochet styles and patterns to choose from. We think the style is just as rugged as it is fruity, and the recycled nature of our designs reflects a new earth-conscious fashion. Most importantly, leg warmers are fun and comfortable and keep your legs warm!!  These are a great gift idea for any guy!!!”

lordvonschmitt crochet legwarmers - men lordvonschmitt crochet legwarmers for men

About Lord von Schmitt

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Lord von Schmitt got widespread press attention earlier this year for his upcycled crochet shorts although my personal favorite design is the onesie. Here’s what you’ll discover if you dig into the shop’s Etsy profile:

“Lord von Schmitt wandered the planet in search of intelligent life for years, before learning to knit. After 7 years at the needles–he barely did anything else–Lord von Schmitt flashed on the possibilities of Previously Crocheted Objects. These were everywhere in the form of afghan blankets, languishing forgotten in thrift stores. He put down the needles and never picked them up again. With a sewing machine he could move much faster, with scissors he could build forms, the material was wonderful and flexible and repulsive. An old lady came up to him and said “those are the most hideous pants I’ve ever seen in my life,” to which he replied, “oh thanks. I made them myself.”

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Custom Crochet Legwarmers for Men

lordvonschmitt crochet legwarmers with jeans

You can purchase the leg warmers on Etsy in various stripes and colors; I currently spy chevrons and scrapghan style in there. But you can also make some choices of your own and order custom crochet leg warmers from Lord von Schmitt. They are one-size-fits-all but you can suggest three colors/patterns you prefer and they’ll do their best to match you up with the right pair.

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