Meet Australian Crocheter Paula of FlamingPot

flamingpot crochet hedgehog

Paula is an Australian crocheter who runs the Etsy shop FlamingPot (and can be found on Instagram and Facebook under that same name). She began to crochet in October 2012 to help her through the grieving process of losing her stillborn daughter, named Gabrielle, and she has been crocheting avidly ever since. She says:

flamingpot crochet space

“Gabrielle gave me talent that I never knew I have. Every crochet I make, I always dedicate to her, and to her rainbow sister, Giselle, our bundle of joy.”

flamingpot crochet bio

Crochet Doll

Let’s take a look at FlamingPot’s work in her process through the photographs of a recent crochet doll.

flamingpot crochet ami face

First there is the detail in the crochet face. The eyes are added in but the nose is stitched, and it’s a little detail that I adore. There’s also a slight color change at the top that adds more dimension to the amigurumi work.

flamingpot crochet wips

Here we see the body of the doll in the works, set against a beautiful textured crochet blanket.

flamingpot crochet details

Then she adds a striped crochet dress.

flamingpot crochet doll with long hair

The finished crochet doll has detailed clothes – what a great pink jacket! And I love the yarn hair that’s been braided into a beautiful hairstyle and shown off perfectly in this photograph. The hair color, the thickness, it’s all wonderful.

flamingpot crochet doll

I certainly am not the only one who loves this crochet doll by FlamingPot. In fact, she won awards this year for this crochet doll and the aforementioned textured piece:

flamingpot crochet texutre blanket flamingpot crochet award

Congrats! FlamingPot only began crocheting three years ago and opened her Etsy shop last year.

Crochet Donuts and Other Treats

Dolls aren’t the only amigurumi we see from FlamingPot. In fact, what she really makes most is crochet donuts and other sweet crochet treats:

flamingpot crochet dolls and donuts flamingpot crochet donut pillow

I like how the sprinkles on this crochet donut pillow are made using embroidery techniques.

flamingpot crochet donuts

There are so many ways to “ice” a crochet donut!

flamingpot crochet treats flamingpot crochet donuts flamingpot crochet donut flamingpot crochet cupcakes

Crochet strawberries and cherries adorn these terrific crochet cupcakes that also have crocheted icing with embroidery sprinkles. Yum!

flamingpot crochet ice cream

Happy faces turn these amigurumi ice cream cones into playful toys.

Crochet Blankets

Here are some beautiful colorful crochet blankets by FlamingPot:

flamingpot crochet blanket flamingpot crochet flamingpot easter bunny crochet

Tapestry crochet bunny

flamingpot colorful crochet blanket flamingpot crochet weaving in ends striped colorful blanket flamingpot crochet blanket

Beautiful striped crochet blanket with detailed stitching and unique color choices, perfectly packaged with the FlamingPot sticker.

flamingpot first crochet blanket

This was the first crochet blanket FlamingPot made!


It’s always fun to see the yarn that FlamingPot is working with and she’s happy to share that with us on Instagram.

flamingpot yarn flamingpot crochet space flamingpot yarn flamingpot yarn flamingpot yarn

Paula tends to choose richly-dyed solid-colored yarn in a range of colors, occasionally with some sparkle, although she tries other types of yarn as well.

And More Crochet

flamingpot crochet poppy

Red crochet poppy flower

flamingpot braided crochet

Braided crochet infinity scarf

flamingpot crochet kids beanies flamingpot crochet basket

A chunky crochet basket to hold a yarn project in the works!

flamingpot crochet pastel rug

Adorable crochet doily rug

flamingpot crochetThat’s a crochet donut pillow in the works in front but what I really love here is the flower granny crochet cushion behind it. It’s a garden of yarn for the eyes to enjoy.

flamingpot crochet room

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