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Lion Brand has just published my blog article on making your craft space sacred. In this article I shared the ideas that I have about how to enhance the space where you crochet so that you can make it a place of more spirituality, creatività, relaxation and/ or inspiration. I’d like to talk a little bit more about that here and then get your thoughts!

A Better Crochet Space

One of the great things about crochet is that we can do it anywhere. In cafes, waiting in the car pickup line, on buses, and in every room of the house. It’s a perfect craft for convenience.

But I also think it’s important to try to carve out a little niche of space for yourself that serves as a special crochet place in your home. It can be a whole craft studio room but it doesn’t have to be. It might just be a favorite chair in the perfect sunny corner, a spot in the backyarnd for outdoor crochet, a tabletop for supplies next to the bed.

Nell'articolo, I write about ways to enhance even those small spaces to make them special. Perché?

  • It’s a celebration of your craft.
  • It helps you drop more easily into a relaxed state each time you craft.
  • The routine of the space is comforting and healing.
  • It’s a special thing to do for yourself! Perché no?!

Make It Yours

I have been thinking a lot lately (because of school) about the intersection of creativity and spirituality in my life so a lot of what I’m working on in my craft space is making it special in this way. But your craft space might have a different intention. It might be about productivity or relaxation or healing. Ask yourself what you most want to get out of crafting right now.

What’s Your Space Like?

I’d love to know what your craft area is like. What’s the best part of it? What could be different? What ideas do you have for making it more special? Please come share your thoughts in the comments here.


San Francisco basato e scrittore ossessionato all'uncinetto, sognatore e spirito creativo!

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  1. jodiebodiecrochets Risposta

    Ciao Kathryn,

    The intersection of creativity and spiritualityis thought provoking. What an interesting course you are doing.

    Come sai, one of my crochet spaces is a comfy chair in a sunny corner which has been enhanced by having special objects decorating it such as an antique jewellery box that was once my grandmother’s, and a handmade quilt by a friend.

    Sometimes my crochet space is merely a special basket which is carefully packed with the crochet and creature comforts I need so wherever I am, I can keep the spiritual connection with my crochet through the basket. This basket also has sentimental value as it was passed down to me from one of my crochet mentors.
    Another ‘mini-spaceis a large wooden bowl. I love the natural materials which add to the tactile experience of my crafting. It is large enough to contain everything I might need for a project but is also an attractive movable display.

    I can keep my bowl and basket in different parts of the house so I don’t need to be in a defined ‘roomor ‘cornerto see my crochet and be inspired. Having a happy reminder in the room encourages me to take that time out with my hooks and ensure that I get some R&R time every day which is important for my health. Who can resist a scrumptious yarn and beautiful tools?

    The portability is the best part of the bowl and basket. The best part about the sunny corner is the serenity of the spaceI can withdraw from the busy noise of the household.

    What could be different? It would be nice to have room to keep my crochet books and pattern folders in a more accessible place. At the moment they are kept in a different part of the house behind closed doors. It would be nice to have them at arm’s reach and on display were I can see them every day.

    All the best with your studies, Kathry and thanks for the interesting articles.

  2. CrochetBlogger Risposta

    Grazie jodiebodiecrochets! I love these little mini-spaces that you describe. They’re easy to put together, have exactly what you need and provide almost exactly what a large craft studio can provide (emotionally anyway) without needing a big space. E sì, the portability is so important!

    I really appreciate the support on school. My school program is a great program in psychology that combines Eastern and Western, mental health and spiritual wellbeing and really encourages a holistic perspective on wellness and personal growth. I’m getting a lot out of it and for my own practice am looking at ways to approach crreativity as a spiritual practice. Powerful stuff!

  3. jodiebodiecrochets Risposta

    CrochetBlogger jodiebodiecrochets That’s great the course has been so beneficial already. After you broached the subject, I realised that crochet is a spiritual activity for me as much as a physical and creative one.

    I do not go out to do commissioned works because I want to be creating something that makes my heart sing and nurtures my spirit. With commissions, it all becomes about the client’s needs, possibly at the expense of my own and I don’t want to go there. If I lose that spiritual connection with what I am creating, I am sure it would be detrimental to the quality of the final product.

    When I make things that enliven my spirit, I feel that energy and passion become intrinsic contributors to the the quality of the finished object. I believe that, in hand crafted goods, it is possible to get a feel for the itemwhether it has been made with love or made with resentment as a choreand can show up in the workmanship.

    While working my current project, which I am hoping to display at my local gallery, I have been falling increasingly in love with the yarn and the design. I wonder if my love for it will be perceived by the gallery patrons and influence its sale.

  4. CrochetBlogger Risposta

    jodiebodiecrochets Well said! I’d love to be kept posted on the gallery happenings!

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