I love Pinterest. I’ve been using it since it’s early days and I think it offers many different cool features that outweigh any negatives that I’ve noticed. But today I want to talk about one of the things I’m not so happy to see about Pinterest … e sfido a fare qualcosa adesso!

The Problem: Not Enough Crochet on Pinterest’s Popular Page

When I go to my own Pinterest page, I mostly see crochet things because almost every board I follow is a crochet-related board. Tuttavia, when I poke around the rest of the site, I don’t see crochet as being quite as popular there. If you go to the main board for DIY and Crafts, you will usually see a tiny percentage of crochet items pinned there amidst a sea of other crochet. More disappointing is the fact that I very rarely see crochet items pinned anywhere that make it to the popular page.

I’d love to see this changed. There are so, so many amazing crochet items to be found on Pinterest. And I know that there are a lot of crochet lovers on Pinterest because I follow tons of them! Plus I’m a part of several community crochet boards on Pinterest. So it’d be great if our voices got heard more and the only way for that to happen is for all of us to be pinning more crochet, repinning crochet and liking crochet on Pinterest.

E più: Books and Mental Health Also Underrepresented

I’ve also noticed that two of my other favorite topics are underrepresented on the Pinterest Popular Page. The first is books. There are a lot of people pinning books on Pinterest. I personally have a board for libri in general, libri di uncinetto e “ganci e libri“. And I follow a few books boards from other people but again I rarely see books make it to the popular page of Pinterest.

The other underrepresented topic that is important to me is mental health, in particolare depressione. I realize that this is a tough one for Pinterest. Images around these topics tend to be dark. And there isn’t as much need to aggregate these articles as there may be for people trying to plan a home re-design or stash projects to crochet. Tuttavia, Pinterest is such a hot spot that I think it would be great to see a positive, informational approach to sharing mental health news with people here.

Let’s Fix It

So what can we do to get crochet, and perhaps these other topics, more represented on the popular page of Pinterest? I challenge you to go right now and pin the below image to at least one of your boards. It is the image of the cover of my book, Uncinetto salvato la mia vita. (Read on below to see why this is not entirely self-promotional!) Crochet Saved My Life is about the mental health benefits of crochet, soprattutto (but not entirely) uncinetto per la depressione, anxiety and chronic illness.

uncinetto salvato la mia vita

When you pin the above image, add your own comment to it, especially if you want to let people know that you’re sharing it for the purpose of spreading the word about crochet, the health benefits of crafting or a specific health issue of interest to you. Use hashtags like #crochet #book and #health. Then ask everyone you know to repin the image to help get it to the popular page of Pinterest!

And to make it more beneficial for you, I’d encourage you to leave a comment on this post with a link to your Pinterest profile showing that you’ve participated. This will encourage others to join in and will also help spread the word about your own Pinterest activities. I’ll follow up on all of those links and make sure I’m following you on Pinterest if I wasn’t already!

Nota: You can also go to my Pinterest Pins and re-pin it from there.

But Wait, Aren’t You Just Trying to Promote Your Own Book?

Ovviamente, Sì. I’m an indie author who pays for all costs of blogging and writing on my own so every little bit of promotion really helps. The more people know about this book, the more likely it is that I’ll be able to continue writing about crochet and health for a living! But that’s not the only reason to join this Pinterest challenge.

Here are some reasons I think it may be worth it to you to join the challenge and pin this image today:

  • We’ll make a little Pinterest history. If we can get this pin to the popular page on Pinterest then we’ll be getting attention for crochet, books and health issues all in one fell swoop!
  • It’ll help make your Pinterest profile more visible. The more people we get pinning and repinning this, the more people we get seeing all of the profiles of the people who pin, repin and comment on the image! And remember that if you pin it and then leave a link to your Pinterest profile here in the comments then you’ll get more attention for your Pinterest profile.
  • It’s a free and easy way to support an indie author. You don’t have to buy the book to show your support of these topics. Simply spreading the word is a free and easy way to let people know about the health benefits of our craft while also supporting the work that I try so hard to make available to others.
  • Better sales means more opportunities for the book to reach people. I’ve had several requests to make this book available as an audio book and a book translated into other languages. As a self-published author I have to see sales go up enough to support the cost of doing those things before I can make them happen. If that interests you, spreading the word can help.
  • It’s Pinterestit’s fun!

Will you accept this challenge?


San Francisco basato e scrittore ossessionato all'uncinetto, sognatore e spirito creativo!

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  1. Appuntato …….http://pinterest.com/reggieyoung/my-love-for-crochet/ hope this helps!! :)

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @dlyrs What’s your Pinterest link? I am sure I have it here somewhere but I can’t find it

        • CrochetBlogger Risposta

          @dlyrs Oh, it looks like I didn’t already know that. Grazie per la condivisione! I’ve followed your a board now :)

  2. http://pinterest.com/pin/282037995386042925/ mission accomplished!!!

  3. icrochetinoh Risposta

    Got this on one of my crochet pages, already, hope others will do the same.

  4. CrochetBlogger Risposta

    Thanks to @TamaraKelly @icrochetinoh @LaneLynn @dlyrs @reginaI’m heading to pin some of your items right now as a thank you!

  5. carolmckayau Risposta

    http://pinterest.com/pin/138274651031139339/ Don’t be depressed, fuck the housework, solo all'uncinetto! (don’t worry, that’s not what I wrote) ;P

  6. Fantastic Idea. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve also created a board for peoples favorite crochet patterns so we can get crochet to the forfront.

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @susand1408 The more crochet boards the better as far as I’m concerned!

      • CrochetBlogger Risposta

        @carolmckayau Not sure about the board from @susand1408 as far as community pinning but I’m part of several good crochet community boards including Crochet-oholic, Beautiful Crochet Pattterns and two named crochet:

        – http://pinterest.com/hilariafina/crochet-holic-community-pinboard/
        – http://pinterest.com/finecraftguild/beautiful-crochet-patterns/
        – http://pinterest.com/pegasusqueen/crochet/
        – http://pinterest.com/momwithahook/crochet/

        • @carolmckayau @CrochetBlogger @susand1408 I have been visiting all these sites above including susand1408 and pinned a few new crochet items. Grazie. I have a place in my email that I save for future reference, troppo. I do not remember url addresses like I used to, so I can go back and snag some more goodies to crochet in the future, Thank you so much for these lovely new sites I knew nothing about. Pamela Westin

        • CrochetBlogger Risposta

          @PWestin Excellent! A proposito, I’ve started working on a hat using your pattern :)

        • @CrochetBlogger Let me know if you run into any problems. I don’t think you will, but I would appreciate your opinion above any other.

  7. CrochetHappy Risposta

    Hey Kathryn..Great Challenge!
    Here is my profile page…http://pinterest.com/tracyann3369/
    Here is the link to my Crochet Publications board where your book cover is pinned http://pinterest.com/tracyann3369/crochet-books-and-publications/

  8. HandmadebyLilli Risposta

    Here’s the pin on my Crochet board

    And here’s my pinterest page

  9. Pingback: Uncinetto salvato la mia vita gratis su Kindle questo fine settimana solo — uncinetto concupiscenza

  10. SheilaZachariae Risposta

    https://pinterest.com/handmadeknits/ on Pinterest was very happy to pin your book. IO, troppo, have been saved by needlework, more than once in my life! Good luck and happy hooking!


  11. janicedavey Risposta

    Okay shamless self-promoter :). I pinned your book cover. http://pinterest.com/jdquilt/craft-inspiration/
    How about other blogs promoting you too. Does your publisher send your book out to bloggers? I have a suggestion….Pam MacKenzie at http://blogs.mycentraljersey.com/institches/. I am getting ready for VKL here in NYC. Even though it’s Vogue Knittiing, they so embrace crochet. You need to be shown some east coast love! I might need to iron on your book design to a tee shirt and wear it on the marketplace floor!

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @janicedavey I’m entirely self-published so all marketing costs like that come out of my own pocket. I did send out review copies in the beginning to a select group of people and am always looking for more suggestions of how to get the book out there. T-shirts would work :)

      • janicedavey Risposta

        @CrochetBlogger light bulb over my head ahhh now I get it. How about a legal yarn storming (we can’t say bomb here in the NYC area) of some public picturesque place out there, done by crocheters all over the world who send pieces for the display to bring awareness to whatever cause you decide best represents your writing/book/passion – uncinetto, depressione, healing arts, a charity etc. you get the picture right. International Yarn bombing Day is June 11th. As an example, Newton, Ct crafters is planning a tribute/memorial for the Sandy Hook school shootings victims. http://pinterest.com/jdquilt/iybd-ideas-for-sandy-hookers/ what do you think? starting in a rav group?

        • CrochetBlogger Risposta

          @janicedavey Yarnbombing to raise awareness could be a great idea. I’m hoping to have a new book out this fall so maybe I could do something in coordination with that. Will have to think about it.

          In entrambi i casi, thanks so much for sharing the Sandy Hook project as I hadn’t seen that one yet. Così potente.

  12. bluenovember Risposta

    My New Year resolution is to learn to crochet. As someone with ME/CFS I’m hoping it will help me.
    Here’s my Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/oldfashionedme/
    and here’s where I pinned your book: http://pinterest.com/oldfashionedme/crochet-ideas/

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @bluenovember Terrific New Year’s Resolution! There are tons of great resources out there and we’re happy to have you be part of our community. You may be interested in my Ravelry group where people talk about crochet and health in one place: http://www.Ravelry.com/ gruppi/uncinetto-salvato-mia-vita

  13. Pinterest is a great new way to publicize all things crochet.



  14. CharlieSaraNavarrete Risposta

    I just posted your link on Facebook, pintrest, and downloaded your book on my Amazon kindlehope this helps promote your stuff…Grazie
    @Sara_left_hook_crochet on instagram
    Charlie Sara Navarrete on Facebook
    Sara Navarrete on pintrest

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @CharlieSaraNavarrete Thanks so much! I really hope that you enjoy the book. Headed to check out your pinterest now!

  15. I just got the book on my Kindle for PC. I know it will be a good read. Thank you so much for making it free for a day through Kindle!!!!

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @PWestin I didn’t know there was Kindle for PC. That makes me so excited. I am a Mac girl and thought it was only on Macs but the fact that people can read it on PCs too is terrific!!!!

  16. Oh, I pinned the book, troppo. We crocheters need to stick together. I know there are a lot of us out there. I don’t know about you, ma
    I am sick and tired of looking at high heels on Pinterest and would much much rather look at crochet items to crochet or have been crocheted by others. Oh, I am the rebel today!

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @PWestin Thanks. I think there’s a place for every interest on Pinterest but I do get sad that there aren’t more crochet and books hitting thepopular pageand that there are sooooo many posts there about diet!

  17. My board is: http://pinterest.com/crochetaddictuk/my-top-favourite-crochet-pattern/it’s only just started. If anyone wants an invite they can email me their pinterest name and I’ll add you. Email to susand1408 at gmail dot com
    Kathryn – Just downloaded your book. I’ll be starting to read it next week and advertise it as much as possible once i’ve read it.

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @LaneLynn Yep, I followed your Crochet Baby board starting yesterday :)

    • carolmckayau Risposta

      @LaneLynn Love your Blighty tighty(s) http://pinterest.com/pin/282037995385243318/ :)

      • @carolmckayau I am a Brit in blighty and thought I hadn’t pinned anything and saw them, very Vivienne Westwood I thought! I must pin more!!

        • CrochetBlogger Risposta

          @LaneLynn @carolmckayau They are super cute! Casa di Holland (which did the granny square tights last year) has some similar ones to these ones you pinned.

        • CrochetBlogger Risposta

          @LaneLynn @carolmckayau They also have similar ones in American and Aussie style

        • @CrochetBlogger @carolmckayau I have those pinned too the granny square ones!! Fab!!

  18. sydneyburke Risposta

    My pinterest isn’t very full, but I do have some of my cochet goodies on there! I pinned the book :) http://pinterest.com/sydneylburke/

  19. Mitzi Trenzs Christian Risposta

    This is what I posted on my Pinterest boardDesign Inspiration” uncinetto salvato la mia vita. In talking with some crocheters on FB (Memory Blankets) about this book when I posted the give away, it seems that crochet has been the salvation for many of us. Nice to see that one of us wrote a book about it. Yay! http://pinterest.com/krikket207/

  20. I’m always very happy to spread the word about the benefits of crocheting and other crafts. Have pinned to three of my boards.

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