Rullo di tamburi per favore … Il vincitore della 2012 award for the best holiday crochet on a blog is :

* Casey of Plus 3 Uncinetto *

Migliore vacanza Crochet

Today’s Awesome Crochet Blog Award is for the best holiday crochet on a blog. Di “vacanze” I don’t mean Christmas but rather a celebration of holidays throughout the year marked by various shares of projects at that time. I looked at blogs that share holiday patterns, photos of their own holiday work, links to fun holiday crochet, ecc. The blogs that have great holiday crochet help make every holiday more fun and inspiring for all of us!

Circa il vincitore

Casey is a Canadian stay-at-home mom who uses her blog to share her crafty adventures, focused mostly around crochet. She tends to make a lot of work in what I’d call bright pastels and it has that fun contemporary look that is great for crochet right now (although there is variety in her color choice). Trovarla su Ravelry e Pinterest as well as other spots around the web as caseyplusthree. You can purchase her pretty crocheted items on Luulla.

3 Il vincitore ha vinto i motivi

Lots of crocheters do work for the different holidays and many share that on their blogs. I chose Casey as the winner of this blog award because:

  1. I liked the sense of humor in her Halloween makes this year. She shared several items that she crocheted for Halloween, such as a bat garland, and I loved how they were typical Halloween symbols (bats, spiders) but with googly eyes or other signs of a sense of playfulness. You can see this in her other holiday crochet as well including many of the fun Christmas items she made this year. She also does have some truly sweet just-adorable items, però, like some of the Pasqua / springtime items she made this year.
  2. Casey shares terrific photos of her work. There are no throwaway photos on this blog. The pictures are clear, dettagliate, bella … There are so, so many holiday craft posts each year that it’s often only worth looking at those that have high-quality images if you’re trying to get real inspiration. Casey offers that.
  3. Casey makes it easy to make what she makes. When she uses someone else’s crochet pattern to make something, she is very clear about not only what pattern it was but where to find it. This gives credit to the designer and also makes it easy for people inspired by her work to crochet their own.

Che cosa è questo Blog Award all'uncinetto?

Non sono sicuro che questo premio è tutto? È uno dei miei premi annuali di blogger uncinetto, dato fuori su questo blog ogni giorno di ogni mese di dicembre. Imparare tutto su di esso qui.


San Francisco basato e scrittore ossessionato all'uncinetto, sognatore e spirito creativo!

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    • undergroundcrafter Risposta

      Complimenti, Casey! I’m glad Kathryn introduced us to your blog because I just added you to my Google Reader :).

      • CrochetBlogger Risposta

        @undergroundcrafter So happy you’re finding some new ones to follow!

  1. creationsbycris Risposta

    @CrochetBlogger Do you have a full list of your award winners anywhere?

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @creationsbycris A full list will be coming out on the blog on the 31st after they’ve all been announced.

      • creationsbycris Risposta

        Grazie @CrochetBlogger!!!!! I missed adding a couple to my reader :)

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