Rullo di tamburi per favore … The winner of the best crochet interviews for 2012 è:

* Marie Segares from Crafter sotterraneo *

This one is no surprise to anyone who follows my blog and the links I post on Saturdays. I’m always saying that Marie does the best crochet interviews. Infatti, I actually planned to make arulefor myself that nobody could win the same award this year that they won last year and I decided in the end to not have that rule specifically because I couldn’t see failing to give Marie this award even though she won it last year pure.

Best Crochet Interviews Award

This first award of the year is the award for the person who consistently does the best interviews of people in the crochet world. This award is important to me because it is one of my goals to do all that I can to use my writing to support all of the smart, creative people out there in the crochet world (and beyond). I love to see others doing that as well and that happens when a blogger takes the time and makes the effort to seek out crochet designers, authors and makers to interview them and share their work.

Circa il vincitore

Marie è un blogger di multicraftual chi fa recensioni, interviste e quote di progetto sull'uncinetto e maglia (and recently is starting to get into spinning). She is also a knit and crochet teacher certified by the Craft Yarn Council, cui modelli sono disponibili attraverso un designer del modello all'uncinetto Etsy e Ravelry and newly a book reviewer for CGOA. But what I love best, migliori, best of all is Marie’s crochet interviews.

3 Il vincitore ha vinto i motivi

Molti, many bloggers have done terrific crochet-related interviews this year. Marie stands out because:

  1. I was super impressed with her Hispanic Heritage Month interviews Questo mese. Marie sought out Hispanic knit and crochet designers for a series of interviews. This is a unique angle as a crochet blogger but more importantly gives voice to an underrepresented population in a new way and I loved that. Her interviews included both well-known and little-known Hispanic crafters.
  2. The sheer volume of interviews she does is super impressive. It isn’t just a numbers game, però; Marie consistently finds the top designers, authors and creators to interview on her blog. If I’ve heard of someone, Marie has usually interviewed them.
  3. Marie combines her interview with reviews and giveaways. None of this is ever fillershe gives equal attention to all parts of her post and I really appreciate that especially in a time when many bloggers write fairly generic reviews and even interviews as part of blog tours etc. When Marie promotes a book with an interview, she really gives it her all.
Although it didn’t affect my choice in interviews at all, I do want to give Marie a thanks for being one of the people who interviewed me about my book Crochet Saved My Life quest'anno.

Che cosa è questo Blog Award all'uncinetto?

Non sono sicuro che questo premio è tutto? È uno dei miei premi annuali di blogger uncinetto, dato fuori su questo blog ogni giorno di ogni mese di dicembre. Imparare tutto su di esso qui.


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  1. undergroundcrafter Risposta

    Wow, Grazie Kathryn. I’m honored. It is great to have some recognition for the time and effort to get the interviews together. Realmente lo apprezzo.

    • CrochetBlogger Risposta

      @undergroundcrafter Glad you spotted it. I was going to email to let you know but this day has just flown by! Really love the great work that you do.

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