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Last week I shared with you a detailed post about how crochet can help during pregnancy problems including pre-labor bedrest, labor pain management and post partum depression. This week I thought I’d bring you a story of one woman who is crocheting for charity as a way to cope with bedrest from a complicated pregnancy.

Lisa Moore’s Pregnancy Story

James T. Mulder of The Post-Standard recently did an article about Lisa Moore, a 39-year-old woman on bed rest in the maternity ward of a New York hospital. Lisa Moore was born premature and so was her husband and now they are about to have their own preemie child but she needs to wait enough weeks for the baby to be as stable as possible before she delivers.

The problem is that Lisa has placenta previa. Basically the placenta is growing too low in the body and covering up the cervix. It creates a big risk for heavy bleeding both before and during delivery. The problem is complicated by the fact that Lisa’s religious beliefs prevent her from getting a blood transfusion so severe blood loss can be a serious risk to her.

This condition can also cause premature labor. The goal seems to be to keep Lisa in bed long enough to allow the baby to develop and then to do a C-section when she’s 36 weeks along.

Crocheting on Bed Rest

Lisa Moore will have spent about two months on bedrest in the hospital by the time she has her baby. She is passing her bedrest time crocheting caps for other preemies. She notes that while a lot of people crochet newborn hats, not many crochet hats for babies that weigh five pounds or less. She knows that each hat will be a special gift for the parent of a preemie and she thinks about that while she’s crocheting.

Why Crochet May Be Healing

Mulder’s article doesn’t specifically discuss why Lisa is crocheting these caps, but my own research into the health benefits of crochet suggests that there many be a variety of benefits for her as she does this. Naturalmente, the obvious one is that it gives Moore something to do while she’s stuck on bedrest. As discussed in last week’s article, this situation can cause extreme stress and anxiety for the mom, which is bad for both her and the baby, and crochet offers an easy way to relax and re-focus, calming both body and mind.

I think that another benefit is suggested by the fact that Moore is not just crocheting random items but specifically crocheting preemie hats. As she makes each hat, she is picturing a mother in her same position who is holding their healthy new baby. This gives an image to the mind that she, troppo, will soon be holding a healthy baby. Instead of thinking about all that could go wrong with her difficult pregnancy, Moore is focusing on envisioning a peaceful, positive outcome. Crochet is helping her to imagine that.


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