Sfoglia il nostro IN CASA, MANO tinti in filo

I won a lot of Moda Dea Ticker Tape yarn in a Listia auction last year. I had no idea what I was going to do with it. Infatti, I ended up offering some in a yarn giveaway in December. Tuttavia, I’ve finally started using it and I actually kind of like it.

Il filato

Moda Dea Ticker Tape Yarn. A discontinued yarn from Coats and Clark. 100% In nylon. 67 yards to a 50 palla di grammo.

Il colore che ho usato

The color of the yarn that I received is called Money. It’s a combination of pink, blue and green.

Yarn Used to Crochet

Tried a crochet cowl and didn’t like it. Then tried a large-hook open work approach to adding it to the bottom of a dress instead and liked the effect.

Recensione di filati

My mostly succinct ten-word yarn review:

  1. Ribbon
  2. Elastico
  3. Wide
  4. Piuttosto
  5. Morbido
  6. Italiano
  7. Hand wash
  8. Felice
  9. Novelty
  10. Forse (I might use this again if I came across it but note that it’s a discontinued yarn so it’s not likely).

How do you recommend using ribbon yarns?


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