It’s a brand new year which gives me an excuse to do one of my favorite things: make To Do lists. Ho un amore assurdo di crafting a fare liste per un sacco di obiettivi differenti e commissioni e progetti. È tipo di sciocco. Ma mi piace e da allora siamo anche a metà anno di progetti, sembra un buon momento per il check-in.

Patterns Completed

The patterns that I’ve completed from the original list of 25 uncinetto modelli di borsa sono:

Patterns Left to Do

The patterns on the list left to tackle:

This works out well because it means I only need to make one or two bags per month to meet my goals and stay on track with Year of Projects. I’ve launched several other new ongoing projects for 2012 so the slower pace I’ll be taking on with Year of Projects through the mid-year end will be perfect.

Other To Dos

In addition to completing those six crochet bags, here are the other things I have on my To Do list to wrap up this year’s participation in Year of Projects:

  • Get good photos of each finished bag. I do have photos of most of them but the past few week’s worth of photos aren’t too great because of the poor quality of my camera phone so I want to get better pictures.
  • Do a final roundup post of all of the finished bags when they’ve been completed.
  • Make a physical project scrapbook including the patterns used (which I’ve already printed out) and photos of the finished objects.
  • Make a slideshow video of all the 2011-2012 complete bags.
  • If there’s time left after that, do crochet pattern reviews for some of the patterns that I used.
And of course when that’s all done, it’ll be midyear and time to start my plans for 2012-2013’s Year of Projects. Ooh goody, another To Do list to look forward to. :)
Are you on track with where you want to be with Year of Projects?



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11 Commenti

  1. Wow you’ve made so much off your list! As well as creating everything else!

  2. Crafter Marie/Underground Risposta

    I love to do lists too! Felice Anno Nuovo, and congratulations on getting so much finished last year.

  3. Wow – look how much you finished already! I love it when a list works. I’m glad I’m not alone in starting to plan for the next Year of Projects too

    • Kathryn Risposta

      @Kate … It’s so great when a list works. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Naidascrochet Risposta

    There always so much crochet and so little time :) Felice Anno Nuovo!

  5. I’m so impressed with you having 19 bags done halfway through this YOP challenge! Wowzers!
    That acorn bag is cute and the laptop sleeve one is very cool.

    • Kathryn Risposta

      Grazie @Kepanie … the acorn bag is the one I have left that I’m most excited about working on!

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