Frances E. Collins Pease Hall is just a young’un compared to 106-crocheter anni Margaret Rosina Perring. Tuttavia, presso 93 Lei è la persona più anziana nella sua città e appena è stata riconosciuta con un onore storico per tale longevità.

A Little bit Of History

Indietro nel 1909 the publisher of the Boston Post created something called the Boston Post Cane. This was a publicity stunt in which he presented 700 New England towns with canes, like the kind that the elderly often have to use. Nel corso del tempo, the ornate cane came to be a way that towns recognized their oldest living residents. Many of the towns have lost or retired the original canes but Appleton, Maine still has theirs.

Appleton’s Oldest Resident

Appleton president the cane to its oldest resident in mid-November. Frances E. Collins Pease Hall is a poet, Maine native and great grandmother to one dozen children. She is also a crocheter. And she’s not just any old lady who crochets dishcloths to pass the time; Appleton used to own her own crochet business in Brunswick, Maine. I don’t know more about her crochet business but I’d certainly love to!

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