Questa settimana siamo nel bel mezzo di un uncinetto-correlati “vacanze” – American Craft settimana. E alla fine della settimana, il venerdì, è la prima volta annuale I Love Day Yarn. Come divertimento!

American Craft settimana

American Craft settimana is a holiday designed to celebrate artists who create Amreican-made handcrafted items that may be either decorative or functional. It also celebrates the retailers who are willing to take a chance on selling these craft items. It is actually ten days, not a week, that is celebrated each October and this week the dates are October 7 – 16 so we’re right in the midst of the celebration today. I am pretty sure that this year is the second year of American Craft Week.

American Craft Week is hosted by Craft Retailers and Artists for Tomorrow (ARTIGIANATO), che è “an association of galleries, negozi, schools and artist that are dedicated to presenting work with one common characteristicit’s handmade in the U.S.A.It is sponsored by a wide variety of organizations including The American Craft Council, Craft in America and the New York International Gift Fair.

You may be interested to know that there are photo and essay contests associated with American Craft Week that you can enter this month with deadlines of October 21, 2011.

Here are some ideas for participating in American Craft Week.

I Love Day Yarn

I Love Day Yarn è un evento sponsorizzato dal Consiglio Yarn Craft per celebrare le gioie del filato. It’s on October 14th and this is the first year of the event. This particular event is simpler than American Craft Week in that celebrating it just means that you let others know in some way that you love yarn. That could mean yarnbombing your favorite yarn store (get permission!) or it could mean just Tweeting that you love yarn. I know that I love yarn and I’m fairly certain anyone reading this feels the same way.

So do some of my favorite crochet designers like Linda Permann and crochet artists like Olek. They’ve shared their project ideas for celebrating I Love Yarn Day.

Here are some other ideas for participating in I Love Yarn Day.

Are you doing anything to celebrate American Craft Week and / or I Love Yarn Day?


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