Today’s crochet quote comes from Suzann Thompson’s introduction to the book Crochet Bouquet (which I’ll be reviewing on this blog in the future). I am very curious about whether or not you agree with this crochet quote:

A few crafters still make the time-consuming fine laces and pretty doilies of days past, but most of us today crochet not to pass the hours, but to show our love for others or to express our individuality in a world of mass-produced merchandise.

Così, do you agree?


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  1. Martha Winger Risposta

    I agree with Suzann. I don’t have hours to fill, exactly the opposite. I have to carve out time to crochet so when I do, I need to product things are are beautiful and functional. I also get a sense of satisfaction creating something that is one-of-a-kind.

  2. I agree with the sentiment, but not with the idea that our grandmothers sat around crocheting just to while away the hours. Many of them had large families to care for, which included raising and preserving all the food they ate, making all the clothes they wore and keeping house without any of our modern conveniences. Inoltre, they didn’t have electric lights to make it possible to crochet comfortably at night, and their lives were generally shorter than ours (my grandmother told me that when she was a girl, a woman in her 50’s was considered very old!) All of which makes the me believe that it was a desire to produce something beautiful, something creative, that drove them to spend precious hours crocheting. So in that sense, I believe we crochet for the same reasons.

    • Kathryn Risposta

      Really great point! I think we tend to idealizegrandma’s lifelike we idealize the country life in general. It was definitely a hard life and you’re probably right that a lot of motivation was required to crochet the beautiful things that were made in days gone by.

  3. I’m just supposing that Grandma needed a creative outlet also. There wasn’t a store(s) to go to, everything was fashioned by hand. Not to pass the time, but to pass on the tradition and the heirloom we all treasure today. I crochet because it is not mass manufactured, what ever I make cannot be duplicated exactly by anyone else, it has my persoanl touch or nuance. I don’t crochet to pass the time, but to express beauty and creativity, and the satisfaction of making something beautiful with my own two hands.

  4. Tony Thompson Risposta

    Thanks for quoting Crochet Bouquet!

    It’s true that the fine crocheted laces and doilies of the past were time-consuming to make.

    It’s true that most of us don’t crochet to while away the hours. There’s nothing in the quote that mentions our grandmothers crocheting to pass the time. The passage talks about us and why we crochet, and that is what I was thinking of when I wrote it. As Martha said, we don’t have hours to pass, we pick and choose with great care how we are going to spend our time.

    I wish I could have met my Texas grandmother, who crocheted, quilted, and tatted. I think she did a lot of that only after my dad and his six siblings were grown and out of the house. I imagine her listening to the radio while she worked, but I don’t know if that’s the case.

    • Kathryn Risposta

      Thanks for dropping by to comment. It’s true that the passage doesn’t mention our grandmothers crocheting to pass the time. I think it’s partially something we may infer in part because we have seen our grandmothers as older women with time on their hands who do it precisely (though probably only partially) per questo motivo.

      Your TX grandma sounds awesome!

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