Innovative Ways to Display Your Favorite Crochet Projects

This is a guest post from Bryn Huntpalmer 

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byhaafner crochet potholders

photo from byhaafner

As a crocheter, you probably have stacks and stacks of projects all over your home. You put so many hours into into creating your wonderful works; it is a shame to see them go unnoticed. Coming up with innovative ways to display your crochet works can be a challenge, but there are tons of fun ways you can use your masterpieces to decorate your home.

Crochet as Wall Art

Mounting your crochet pieces on your wall is an obvious choice. However, many pieces are fine and therefore a little floppy so you have to hang them properly for an exquisite display.

crochet mandalas

Crochet mandala made inside of an embroidery hoop from Mitten & Makings.

Finding a way to stretch your crocheted doilies for display without damaging your work is the hard part. One idea that is a favorite among artists is using an embroidery hoop to display your work. Simply use the hoop to stretch your art piece and then hang it in a prominent place on your wall.

crochet emboirdery hoop

You can also crochet around embroidery hoop art frames, as seen here in this free pattern from molliemakes

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet wall art

Photo via jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy

Another wall hanging option uses a vintage frame to display your works. Use the glass of the frame to flatten the crochet project. It’s a good idea to choose a frame that creates a nice contrast between the colors in your yarn. If your piece is a solid white or all pale color, choose a bright-colored frame to add dimension. To change the color of an existing frame, just use spray paint to make a custom display. For brightly colored crochet works, choose a neutral frame so that your work will be the focus.

framed doilies

See the tutorial for the above layout at Craftynest

You can create a gallery wall by displaying your framed works in a collage-like fashion, just like many of the DIY-design tips at Modernize. Use a piece of colored paper as backing for your display. You can mix up the colors to make an eclectic arrangement or choose one color to match your decor and be a link to the rest of your color scheme.

Crochet Blankets as Art

elzavan912 crochet blankets

Photo via elzavan912

Create a patchwork blanket by sewing your small projects together. By stringing them together as a blanket, you can create a functional piece that can be utilized for years and years. Creating a quilt by stitching your projects together will make a fabulous display. Not only can you use the blanket in the winter months, but you can also hang or display the piece in a prominent place when it isn’t in use. Above you can see that they even look great when just hanging on the laundry line!

Add to Existing Decor

crochet candle doily

Christmas candle decor from Lyubuva Crochet

Another innovative way to display your talent is to create custom crocheted works to decorate existing things in your home. Just measure the item and create your crochet design to fit. You can create a crocheted frame to surround your favorite candle. Choosing the color and shape of your crocheted decor will allow you to stretch your creative muscle. You can swap out your designs based on the season or occasion.

crochet wedding rocks

Use these easy ideas to create an innovative display for your crochet projects. The more artwork you’ve made, the more things you have to display. Don’t let your projects get lost in the shuffle. Instead, display them with pride in an eye-catching display deserving of your hours of labor and love.

Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children living in Austin, Texas where she currently works as an Editor for Modernize and nurtures her HGTV obsession. In addition to regularly contributing to Home Decor and Design websites around the web, her writing can be found on Lifehacker, and on her personal blog Her Own Wings.

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