Hyperbolic Crochet Artist Gabriele Meyer

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I really love crochet art designed to reflect mathematical concepts. All of our crochet is mathematical even if we aren’t thinking about that as we’re making it but what’s really neat is that there are certain types of mathematical concepts that haven’t been able to be modeled in any other form other than crochet. Daina Taimina is known for her discovery of hyperbolic crochet, a popular craft art form among mathematicians. Today I want to share the work of University of Wisconsin, Madison mathematics lecturer Gabriele Meyer who also creates hyperbolic crochet art. In fact, Taimina is the wife of Meyer’s PhD advisor, which I learned from an interview she did with Illuminate Crochet.

hyperbolic crochet home decor white hyperbolic crochet art hyperbolic crochet meyerI especially love how she uses hyperbolic crochet to create unique artistic lampshades. She also makes crochet algae, flowers and other organic shapes.

hyperbolic crochet algae hyperbolic crochet dragon

“In math if you want to prove something really beautiful, you have to understand the structure,” she explains. “And the structure means you understand the beauty of an object and with that knowledge you often times can make a very important and deep proof. That’s why beauty matters tremendously in mathematics.”

hyperbolic crochet flower hyperbolic crochet art lampshade She shares: “Over the last several years my surfaces have become larger and require to be hung from the ceiling to preserve their integrity (so that they don’t deform) and also for the visual impact.” And adds: “I am very happy, that with my crocheting I am picking up on a very traditional European women’s craft and giving it a new spin, connecting it to Mathematics.”

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  1. I absolutely love your mathematical works of art! Keep up the fabulous job and I love your color choices for each piece!

  2. I love the work you have done it truly is inspiring though math was never my strong suite. Do you ever plan to put out a basic pattern to explain some of your works? Not an exact but one to help others start a project then allowing them to continue on their own.

  3. I have been crocheting my entire life and have never seen anything like this. It is so amazing and so very beautiful. Bravo

  4. Stunning work. I was involved in public program Adelaide, South Australia learning and exhibiting hyperbolic crocheting. But this scale is stunning

  5. Stunning. I am a grandauter of a Dr. Of Mathematics/professor at Dartmouth Collage in NH. This makes me very excited you have found such spectacular visual ways to allow others to the beauty in Mathematics great [email protected]!


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