How to Make a Wire Crochet Lampshade by Yoola Design

Image via YoolaDesign
Image via YoolaDesign

I recently received a wire crochet lampshade kit from Yoola Design to play around with and share with you. I’ve loved Yoola’s wire crochet art for a long time, and I think that these sophisticated lampshades could add amazing handcrafted elegance to many homes, so I was happy to get a chance to try out the kit.

In The Kit

yoola crochet kit

This crochet kit (for the Wire Icy Lampshade) comes with everything that you need to crochet the wire lampshade, and it’s all beautifully packaged with nice little by-hand touches that I appreciated. You can tell the designer cares about the product.

wire crochet yoola 2

The wire is in there, of course. You also get the correct sized crochet hook, the metal top for the lampshade and the base that is used to implement Yoola’s unique “invisible spool knitting” crochet technique. Additionally, you receive a CD that includes the video instructions and PDF written/ photo instructions to complete the project. (Or, if like me you no longer have a computer that has a CD drive, you can utilize a link with a private password to access your instructions.)

wire crochet yoola

Learning Curve

wire crochet yoola 8

I had never done any kind of wire crochet work before. Additionally, the hook size for this project is tiny (.75 mm). And of course I needed to learn Yoola’s crochet method. So there was definitely a learning curve. But the learning was really fun. I like exploring new techniques, new ways to use a crochet hook and new materials. Yoola’s instructions were very clear and easy to follow and her voice on the instructional videos was really soothing to listen to. I liked learning from her.

Notably, the wire crochet lampshade is one of the most advanced projects in Yoola’s shop. You can purchase kits for much simpler projects, like wire crochet jewelry, if this one seems daunting!

wire crochet yoola 5

But I was able to work with this kit even though I didn’t have any wire crochet background. The pattern instructions provide lots of information about working with metal wire including tips about wire type and gauge, information on changing wire temperature, stretching wire and handling the edges when working with wire.

Yoola explains that the technique she uses to make these wire crochet projects isn’t really knitting or crochet. It utilizes a crochet hook but it also utilizes a special invisible spool, and Yoola suggests before you begin that you “put aside what you know about crochet and try to follow the instructions literally, as it is different from classic crochet.” This reminds me of all of those techniques in crochet that are kind of in between crochet and knitting – Tunisian crochet, broomstick lace, hairpin lace, double edged hook work. Yoola mentions that English isn’t her first language. The instructions are clear, but I mention that because in many other languages, there is not a word for knitting and a separate word for crochet; one word means the same thing. In any case, I learned the technique through a combination of the written instructions and video and found it really interesting.

wire crochet yoola 6

How to Crochet a Wire Lampshade

Of course, I can’t give away everything in this post because you’ll need to get Yoola’s crochet kit for the full pattern, but here are some things I learned from her about how to crochet a wire lampshade. First of all, I learned a great tip at the beginning of the project:

“Wire remembers.”

Yoola lets us know that wire is going to try to get back into the shape that you’ve already formed it into. This means that you want to get the work right the first time, because frogging and reworking it is difficult. But it also means that wire crochet jewelry and projects like this lampshade will hold their shape really well when finished and are terrific durable projects.

wire crochet yoola10

Creating a Project Base

With these projects, you crochet yourself a base before you actually begin the project itself. So the first several rows of the project are eventually removed. It’s an interesting technique to implement.

Decreasing Crochet Stitches

The crochet stitches that are worked are essentially little chains on top of one another – not quite a single crochet technique but somewhat similar in terms of the process and design. Decreasing is worked like it typically is in crochet, by working the stitch into two stitches below at the same time. The method of working it is slightly different but I got the general feeling that I was crocheting when doing steps like this.

wire crochet yoola1

Add Electricity

Once you’ve worked it up, you use the tools and tips that Yoola has provided to turn into a working lamp. I can picture the lovely light that’s going to come through it. I’ll be honest in saying that I haven’t completed my own lamp yet. It’s in progress. I work on it a little bit at a time and then switch over to a chunky yarn blanket I’m working on as a Christmas present and work on that for a bit. I’ll update with finished photos when fully complete but wanted to let you know about the kit now in case it’s something you yourself want to get to make before the holidays!

 Get inspired by crochet lighting; see more examples here.

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  1. Kathryn !!! you are amazing :) thank you so much for taking my wire crochet kit for a test drive.
    Your stitches look even and round just as they should be , you really got the hang of it …
    not to mention how beautifully your wrote about it …
    I’m really honored and will be checking out to see the finished pendant light ;-)
    Yael aka Yoola


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