Guide to Crochet Swimsuits including 10+ Patterns

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of different types of crochet swimsuits. As they become more popular in the mainstream, we get increasingly better information about how to make crochet swimsuits, what to wear them with and how to wash them. Here’s your guide to crochet swimsuits.

Crochet Swimsuit Patterns

Are you looking for crochet swimsuit patterns. You’ll find ten great free swimsuit crochet patterns here. And here are some other options:

Modern Crochet Swimsuit Patterns

crochet monokini free pattern

Monokini swimsuit free crochet pattern @crochet_stuff

crochet monokini swimsuit pattern

Crochet monokini swimsuit pattern for sale from Pattern Paradise

crochet swimsuit pattern

Eyelet swimsuit one piece crochet pattern for sale from Vannazhandz

crochet bikini

Classic crochet bikini pattern for sale on Ravelry from Sandi Hagan

crochet bikini

ruffle bikini crochet pattern by Deja Jetmir available for sale on Ravelry

crochet swimsuit free pattern

Granny square crochet bikini free pattern from PLC Designs

crochet swim shorts pattern

Crochet swim shorts pattern from Annie’s; crochet kit available

crochet bikini pattern

This vintage-inspired crochet pattern can be found in the book Pop Goes Crochet!

Vintage Crochet Swimsuit Patterns

vintage crochet swimsuit

1934 crochet swimsuit pattern sold on Etsy by annalaia

1940 crochet swimsuit

1940 crochet swimsuit pattern, sold by Liloumariposa on Etsy

retro crochet umbrella

Retro crochet swimsuit with matching crochet umbrella, pattern sold on Etsy by 2ndLookVintage

Beautiful Crochet Swimsuit Inspiration

Just want to take a look at some stunning crochet swimsuits on beautiful models to get some inspiration for your own craft designs or swimsuit styling? Check out:

crochet monokini

30 Most Beautiful Crochet Swimsuits including this design from Manie One

sister by sibling crochet swimwear

26 More Fashionable Crochet Swimsuits including this one from Sister by Sibling

crochet swimsuit pattern

1938 crochet swimsuit

retro crochet swimsuit

A retro 1960’s inspired crochet two-piece with a matching vest cover up. The vintage crochet pattern was at one time sold through La Dolce Vita, a store that is not active at the time of this writing.

Tips for Making a Crochet Swimsuit

Here are some tips if you plan to crochet a swimsuit:

  • Use cotton yarn. It will hold its shape in the water. You could also use modern materials like neoprene yarn.
  • Choose a design that has adjustable straps so you can make sure it always fits you. Although cotton keeps its shape, the suit may stretch a little with wear so it’s best to be able to tighten it to get the most mileage out of it.
  • Take your measurements! Although adjustable straps will give you some wiggle room, you want to make sure that this puppy fits right!
  • Crochet a matching swimsuit cover-up. This allows you to keep the crochet going all day long, whether you want to show off your whole bod or not.

Places to Buy a Crochet Swimsuit

Don’t want to deal with making your own crochet swimsuit? Want to just buy one? Here are a few places where you can easily buy a cute crochet swimsuit:

SeaSideMotifs crochet swim top

SeaSide Motifs

crochet bikini by anna kosturova

Anna Kosturova makes a wide variety of crochet swimsuits with each collection; this is the Aztec Halterkini

she made me crochet swimsuit

Australian company She Made Me has cute crochet swimsuits in both one-piece and two-piece styles.

crochet swimsuit cover

Agua Bendita has the most colorful crochet swimsuits

How to Wash Your Crochet Swimsuit

Who What Where had a great complete article with tips for how to wash your crochet swimsuit. They basically suggest that you hand wash the crochet swimsuit in cold water, using a mild detergent, then press it between towels to get as much moisture out as possible and lay it flat to dry.

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