Good Enough to Eat! 5 Yummy Crochet Food Artists

Last week I shared the crochet art of Clemence Joly, particularly the work she’s done crocheting with real candy. I mentioned that she also has crochet food art that reminds me of artist Kate Jenkins. Thinking about this, I thought it might be fun to do a roundup of crochet art focused on food. Here’s that roundup!

Clemence Joly Crochet Food Art

These images are from two of the artist’s series: New Look and The Wool Butchery:

crochet breakfast

crochet meal

crochet food

crochet meat

crochet meat art

Kate Jenkins Crochet Comfort Food

Everyone’s loving the work of Kate Jenkins lately, which is great to see because she’s been doing this type of creative crochet art for nearly a decade!

kate jenkins crochet diner food

hotel pelirocco crochet

crochet food

kate jenkins crochet seafood

kate jenkins crochet fish and chips

Joy Kampia O’ Shell Food Fashion

Artist Joy Kampia O’Shell gets inspired by food and uses it to create unique fashions like her sundae dress, shown below. She also crochets stand-alone food art.

crochet sundae dress

crochet pie crochet donuts

crochet pizza

Twinkie Chan Food Inspiration

Twinkie Chan was one of the first crochet artists I was exposed to who uses food as inspiration. She is well-known for her food-inspired scarves but she also crochets a variety of other food inspired items that are always upbeat and interesting.

crochet candy

crochet pretzels

crochet painting

twinkie chan crochet scarf

twinkie chan crochet tea party

Amigurumi Food Art by Vanessa Chan

Vanessa Chan adds cute faces to her crochet food to give them life and a sense of humor.

crochet dim sum bun


crochet monster

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