You know from my previous posts that I’ve enjoyed working with the Wool and the Gang crochet kits including one of their t-shirt yarn kits and more recently a cotton cardigan crochet kit. Je l'aime toujours quand ils me envoyer quelque chose de nouveau à jouer avec ce dernier, their Circle Game Cushion crochet kit, ne fait pas exception à cette tendance.

About the Crochet Cushion

This is a fairly simple crochet cushion pattern. It is a single crochet circle worked in a basic circle crochet pattern. It comes with an extra ball of yarn that can be used to create optional pom poms around the edge of the cushion, giving the cushion a little bit more flair than just a plain old circle cushion might offer. You can select the color of your extra yarn ball separately so you can make the poms the same color as the pillow or a complementary color. With or without poms, this is a great classic little pillow design.

Sur le fil

The crochet cushion pattern is really simple and straightforward. What really makes this cushion special is the yarn selection. I’m absolutely in love with the Fou Sexy laine that is used in this crochet pattern. I want to use it for everything bulky from here on out! It’s got a rich texture. It feels as plush as roving but is plied together so it’s easier to work with. It comes in solid colors but I especially love the way it works up when using one of the Dragonfly teal/black blend that I selected for this project. There is at least one other multi (a black-and-white called Static) and more than two dozen solid colors to choose from. This yarn is 100% Peruvian wool and is considered super bulky weight.

Crochet Hook Included

This yarn / pattern calls for a size 10mm crochet hook which is available in the kit; the hook that came was a terrific wooden hook that I found it easy to work with. I was happy to see, Cependant, that Wool and the Gang now offers the hook as optional; you can choose not to get it if you already have plenty of hooks which is a great way to reduce waste / clutter while still giving you the option of making sure to get all the supplies that you need.



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