Do you know someone who is incredibly creativity but a little bit shy about that creativity? Someone who crafts but is afraid of calling herself an artist? Do you know someone who does too much for others and doesn’t take enough time for herself? Someone who has a few emotional issues blocking her creativity and who you would really love to see blossom and become a happier, more fulfilled version of herself? You can help her today by giving her the gift of Hook to Heal.

What is Hook to Heal?

Crochet de guérir est un programme complet pour les personnes qui veulent utiliser le crafting d'améliorer leurs vies, specifically through the lens of crochet. It is designed to help people at any level of crochet utilize the craft to explore and eradicate their creative blocks, nurture their inner artist and practice self-care and self-development.

Hook to Heal with have three core products all emerging in Autumn 2013:

  • Livre des exercices de créativité. Le livre, qui sortira 10/1/2013 is a book of exercices de créativité pour crochet. Il montrera comment crochet peut être utilisé pour atteindre la pleine conscience, Communiqué de peur artistique, Poussez vers le prochain niveau de créativité, celebrate life, improve relationships and more. Many topics of creativity will be explored in this book to challenge crochet lovers to find new ways to craft themselves to wellness.
  • 12 Classes de créativité en ligne de la semaine. Beginning in the fall the author will also be launching online creativity classes. Ce seront des cours hebdomadaires avec chat / vidéo composants qui offrent des leçons détaillées et des conseils explorer les idées de base présentées dans le crochet à Heal livre.
  • Support Email individuelles pour la créativité au Crochet. The author is going to take the lessons that she’s learned about using crochet to get deeper into your creative self and apply them to helping individuals one-on-one. She’ll be your personal creative crochet coach armed with hooks to help you get to the next stage of your personal growth.

Crochet pour guérir is currently in the fundraising stage. The book and classes wil be available in the fall but funding is happening this month to make it all come to life.

How You Can Give This To Someone Who Needs It

The great thing about the Indiegogo fundraiser is that you can contribute to the creation of this product while also getting something for yourselfor for someone else who you know could really use the help of Hook to Heal.

There are many different perks associated with this campaign and you can sign yourself up for them or you can sign up in the name of a friend. Par exemple, you can donate just $1 and get your name in the acknowledgments of the book. Or you can donate $25 and get an advance copy of Hook to Heal one month before its official fall release. Pour seulement $5 more you could get that advance copy plus a signed copy of my other book, Crochet a sauvé ma vie, which is about the health benefits of crafting. Encore une fois, you can get that in your name or get it for a friend in need.

If you want to donate and choose a perk for a friend then you should check out Indiegogo’s instructions for contributing for a friend. Remember that the homepage of the project (where you actually make the contribution) is



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