Regardons crochet nouvelles de janvier 28 – Février 3 … non seulement de cette année mais dans bilan des deux dernières années aussi bien. C'est l'histoire récente au crochet mises à jour et le meilleur des nouvelles de crochet de cette semaine tout enveloppé dans un.

Cette semaine en Crochet 2011

Première regardons ce qui a été sur le blog au cours de ces dates dans 2011.

Vasconcelos au crochet d'art

The artist that I profiled during this week in 2011 a été Joana Vasconcelos. Elle est aussi un incroyable talent. Dans 2012 elle est devenue la première artiste féminine à montrer à la Château de Versailles, where she exhibited several large-scale works including some in crochet. Vasconcelos is currently exhibiting her work in a exposition de multi-l'artiste at the National Trust for Scotland’s Robert Burns Birthplace Museum. Each artist is displaying a version of sheep; hers (ci-dessus) is abstract and beautifully colored, made of crochet, polyestery, ornements et bien plus encore. (That’s actually a project I would have expexcted Leslie Blackmon to be one of the artists for!)

sheila pepe installation d'art crochet

Another bit of crochet art that I wrote about during this week in 2011 was an installation being done by elderly artist Sheila Pepe. I later did a profile of this interactive artist. When I checked in on her work Il y a un an she was about to start a New York exhibit. This year the 90-year-old woman is an artist-in-residence, first in Italy and then in Maine. The image above is from a atelier she did last year.

And finally at this time last year was when I mentioned the Gaultier Spring 2011 runway show that include shoes with crochet trim; they remain my favorite crochet-chaussures I’ve seen to date. Since that post I’ve done a post about other Gaultier crochet and shown some photos of Gaultier’s fashions when they were on display at a museum here. Reportedly some of the sailor stripes in the 2013 men’s Gaultier collection above are done in crochet.

Cette semaine en Crochet 2012

Maintenant regardons ce qui a été sur le blog au cours de ces dates dans 2012.

crochet plastic skirt

The artist I profiled was Ivano Vitali, the Italian artist who knits and crochets newspaper using large handcrafted needles and hooks to create amazing upcycled fashions. The skirt above is a 2012 creation that he says is made fromthe bags used for food”.

I enjoyed writing last year about Terry Taylor, a woman who had lost her eyesight in a freak accident but was continuing to crochet and her work was going to a good cause. I don’t have an update on her but hope she’s still hooking!

Same with Bob Roskamp, the elderly man who reportedly crochets every single time he sits down.

2013 Crochet-Actualités

My favorite news in crochet this past week was:

1. Crochet helps lonely seniors. “Seniors living in skilled-nursing facilities and families in need are among those who benefit from handmade blankets and other crafts lovingly created by women in the knit and crochet group at the Moorpark Active Adult Center.The article says that 6 de 10 elderly people in these places have no one visiting them so this kind of kind activity is important!

Vérifier dimanche prochain pour plus crochet histoire mises à jour et nouvelles de dernière heure en crochet!


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