Crochet shawls are great. They can be super easy to make so they are a good beginner project but they can also be detailed and intricate for experienced crocheters. Use them to practice new stitches or just make a crochet shawl that offers a repetitive stitch for meditative crochet. There are many, many great crochet shawl patterns out there and more coming out all of the time. However, after awhile, they can begin to look alike. That’s why I decided to put together this massive roundup of 100 unique crochet shawls that stand out from the others in the sea of beautiful designs out there.

In this roundup you will find one-of-a-kind crochet shawls that someone made and shared in photos around the web. You’ll also find crochet shawl patterns. The 100 shawls are divided into ten different categories: freeform crochet shawls, shawls using a niche crochet technique, oversized crochet shawls, warm weather shawls, novelty yarn shawls, kids shawls, mens’ shawls, matching sets with shawls, vintage crochet shawls and finally THE TRULY UNFORGETTABLE CROCHET SHAWLS.

Freeform Crochet Shawls

Freeform crochet offers the chance to truly explore something unique. These ten shawls are a great example of that:

I’m in love with Prudence Mapstone’s freeform crochet, including this mixed media shawl/ cape called Libertad Artistica. Freeform Crochet cape from the book Freeform Style by Jonelle Raffino and Prudence Mapstone.

This amazing freeform crochet shawlette by Etsy’s crochetlab was made using 25 different yarns. It includes handbeading.

I love all of the different shades of purple in this freeform shawl by Etsy’s levintovich.

StitchDiva has written instructions for creating your own freeform hairpin lace shawl like this Klimt she made.

Likewise an Annie’s book offers tips for putting crochet doilies and motifs together into a freeform shawl.

This shawl from the 2013 collection by julianata is a combination of crochet, knitting and embroidery.

Leslie Abbott created this shawl for the 2012 annual freeform challenge.

Etsy’s allmadewithlove made this freeform crochet shawl with nature-inspired colors.

This freeform crochet shawl by Renate Kirkpatrick is one of my favorites!

This mixed media shawl by Zann Carter was made with woven squares stitched together using crochet.

Shawls Made Using a Niche Crochet Technique

Freeform crochet is just one niche technique. Here we’ll look at the crochet shawls made using techniques like hairpin lace, tapestry crochet and broomstick lace.

Ravelry’s 15FiberFrenzy made this drop stitch shawl, a variation on broomstick lace, in a Kim Guzman crochet class.

This is a Tapestry crochet shawl by Carol Venutra from her book More Tapestry Crochet.

The Entrelove Wrap by Allison Cohen is a great example of entrelac crochet. This pattern is sold on Ravelry.

Designer Christie Pruitt says that she wanted to see what Entrelac crochet could look like when worked with a regular, instead of Tunisian, crochet hook. This beautiful shawl is her answer.

With the Siona Stole designer Doris Chan did something unique – creating motifs out of hairpin lace.

The bullion stitch is one of my favorite rarely-used stitches. It’s used in this wrap by Vickie Howell (a free Ravelry pattern!), which uniquely closes with buckles.

I always think of Tunisian crochet as being lacy but here’s an example of what it can look like with a chunky yarn.

Etsy’s bonitapatterns sells the pattern for this beautiful crocodile stitch crochet shawl.

The Flamenco shawl by Bonita Patterns (pattern sold on Ravelry) incorporates bobbles and the Solomon’s Knot stitch.

This is a great example of a filet crochet shawl. It’s a free crochet pattern from Woman’s Day and this particular one was made by Ravelry’s Kinkniticenergy.

Oversized Crochet Shawls

These ten unique oversized crochet shawls seem so cozy!

Wrappers Delight Oversized Shawl by Yokoo Gibran

What’s oversized about these unique Marc Jacobs designer crochet shawls is the huge safety pin that makes the look!

Etsy’s QuimsyCo used a basic stitch pattern for this crochet triangle shawl but the massive oversized yarn and hook makes the look unique.

This oversized shawl was made from upcycled materials by artist Marion Macedo

This bohemian crochet shawl was made by Etsy’s CrudeThings

This American flag crochet shawl is a free Lion Brand pattern

I love the red trim on the black crochet scallops of this oversized shawl by Etsy’s wuglyees

This multi-colored crochet shawl by CelestialWorld is more than 92″ across.

This beautiful oversized shawl is from the new 108 Stitches collection by Harriette Cole.

There is a bilingual crochet pattern for this large triangle-based shawl on Swedish blog Valkommen till Virkpia.

Warm Weather Crochet Shawls

A light openwork crochet shawl can be worn during the cool evenings of a hot summer or even to protect the skin on the beach:

This star motif crochet shawl by Kristin Omdahl is a pattern in her book Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns. What a great light design.

Cloneslacemaire explains: “This is the original shawlette/ stole made for Interweave Crochet and published over 5 issues of the mag between Fall 2011 and Fall 2012.”

I love the styling with the belt on this Wisteria Shawl made with light sock yarn.

Annie Briggs designs convertible crochet shawls; in warm weather you can wear it as a skirt or dress instead.

Etsy’s Nurlu combines traditional fabrics with oya-inspired Turkish crochet edging to create unique lightweight shawls.

Yarns and Spices offers the free pattern for this scarf/ shawl.

This pattern sold by Yumiko Alexander shows how a chunky yarn can still make for a warm weather shawl.

This beaded crochet shawl by rensfibreart could probably be worn in any season.

This is a mohair and acrylic shawl by lilithist on Etsy.

Robyn Chachula’s Convertible Crochet Shawl uses buttons to become a shrug.

MissyBonkers shares how a continuous crochet chain can be worn as a summer shawl or a variety of other accessories.

Novelty Yarn Crochet Shawls

Novelty yarn can make a basic crochet stitch look completely unique as we see in these ten examples of unique crochet shawls:

Ambika Boutique uses angora rabbit fur to craft beautiful items like this luxury crochet shawl.

AnnerStreet used unique bamboo tape and hairpin lace technique to make this crochet shawl.

Etsy’s momosoho made this shawl using vintage ribbon.

The detail from this crochet shawl by LitttleBallofFur shows how a novelty yarn can change the entire look of a very simple stitch.

Etsy’s ellagray used denim ribbon and eyelash fur to create this warm crochet wrap.

Etsy’s AlbaRanch combined a boucle yarn, sparkle fur and ribbon yarn when making this crochet shawl.

Bulky textured yarns give a unique look to the Catherine Wheel Stitch in this shawl made by Etsy’s HandFashioned.

Pompom yarn works up quickly into a shawl like this one from vintageniltb on Etsy.

This aquarmarine shawl by Alena’s Designs uses faux fur yarn.

ShiriDesigns offers a free pattern for this chinchilla yarn shawl that can be crocheted or knit.

Kids Crochet Shawls

Kids don’t often wear shawls but it does happen and it’s so cute when it’s done well!

This adorable Tunisian crochet shawl is a Craftsy pattern by Stephanie Sario

I adore this springtime kids shawl – the pattern (also available for adults) is sold on Etsy by mylittlecitygirl

Etsy’s SparkleberryCrafts sells this crochet item that could be a wraparound shawl for baby and a cowl when the child gets a little bit older.

Life on Main crocheted this shawl for the Living History Museum

This crochet shawl (pattern on a Japanese site) shows how novelty yarns work well for kids accessories.

A chunky crochet shawl with a big button looks so cute on a little kid. This one is sold by Etsy’s LilyCiel.

This baby shawl is inspired by a vintage kimono.

The pattern for this crochet communion shawl is for sale on Ravelry. It’s by Lisa Gonzalez.

Cute idea: cobweb shawl! This is a Ravelry pattern by Deja Jetmir.

This shawl, crocheted by Julie Blagojevich using Noro Seppu yarn, is called Summer Festival. I can see a teen or tween wearing this to a music festival for sure. Free Ravelry Pattern.

Crochet Shawls for Men

Men who wear crochet shawls are a rare sight indeed, making the ones that exist definitely unique. They often, but not always, wear the shawl scarf-style.

Worn without a shirt this leather crochet wrap by fair trade company Zem Zem Atelier looks sexy indeed.

This Tunisian crochet shawl for men was designed by Patrick Hassel-Zein.

This men’s crochet shawl pattern is available as a free Ravelry download from Mrs. Purple.

Etsy’s HandmadeBySusannah makes this large crochet shawl for men; I love the long fringe!

Etsy’s BlueWaterGifts makes this Dr. Who inspired rectangular crochet shawl that a guy could wear as an oversized scarf.

Etsy’s FibersAndYarn designed this colorful unisex crochet shawl.

Spiffyniftyriffic offers a free crochet pattern for this reversible men’s prayer shawl.

Noelle Barnes designed this guy scarf using Noro silk yarn; make it scarf-width or shawl-width as you see fit.

The same idea is true for this unisex pocketed shawl by Etsy’s kathkuz

Although shown on a woman here this is definitely a unisex shawl; it’s large and made with double-strand black and blue yarn. Plus it was crocheted by a dude. Via Etsy’s MirrorIrorriM.

Matching Crochet Sets with Shawls

Shawls can be matched with hats, gloves or even shawls for a cute set:

Crochet! Magazine had this matching shawl and evening bag in a 2006 issue.

Etsy’s LST Designs made this matching shawl and fingerless gloves set using a combination of knitting and crochet.

Etsy’s ORIENTALART shows us another great example of a matching shawl and gloves set.

This crochet shawl and purse set was all over Pinterest but I couldn’t find any original source (links seemed to be broken) – gorgeous though!

Etsy’s UniquelyEwe created this bulky freeform crochet shawl with matching hat.

This kids’ crochet shawl pattern and matching pattern for her doll can be found in the book Austentatious Crochet.

This set by Rebecca Velasquez is a little bit different because it’s a set of two shawl patterns – the same shawl can be made in a crochet version as well as a knit version and that quality is exactly what makes this shawl unique. This sister shawl is one of the Stitch Red crochet patterns.

Another great example of a pattern that is really a set of patterns is this great plaid pattern by Doris Chan. She says: “my one rectangle project turned into a whole PlayPlaid collection, including a lap-ghan, a full-sized afghan, scarf, muffler and a V-shaped wrap.”

Etsy’s MaKCrochet created this as a set of a crochet shawl, headband and armwarmers.

I love this 3D crochet rose shawl and the skirt that goes with it designed by Vashti Braha for Crochet! Magazine in 2007.

Vintage Crochet Shawls

Here are ten unique retro and vintage crochet shawls to inspire you:

KinsieWoolShop on Etsy sells the vintage crochet pattern for this amazing 1970s crochet butterfly shawl.

2ndlookvintage sells the 1970s pattern for this reversible faux fur crochet coat, shawl and hat set. Talk about unique!

This vintage pattern sold on Etsy by cemetarian shows how the way to create faux fur in the 1970s was to add lots of fringe to crocheted mesh.

I found this vintage crochet shawl in a thrift store. Here I’ve repurposed it as a dress.

This thread crochet shawl is offered as a free vintage pattern online.

This is a one of a kind vintage beaded crochet shawl sold by Etsy’s vintagefindsetcetera.

Maria Merlino shares a pattern for this 100 year old Edwardian crochet shawl.

Catwalk Threads showed off this vintage pineapple crochet shawl.

This collared shawl pattern dates back to the 1950s. Free vintage pattern online.

Etsy’s kalliedesigns sells the vintage crochet pattern for this convertible shawl.

Truly Unforgettable Crochet Shawls

And finally, these ten crochet shawls are the most unique of them all:

The Dahlia Crochet Shawl by Lisa Naskrent is one of the most popular crochet patterns people buy on Ravelry.

This beautiful butterfly shawl was crocheted by Etsy’s AllKindsofArt

The Bohemian Rhapsody crochet shawl is a great original example of a granny-style shawl.

I am really drawn to this crochet wedding shawl that comes from Etsy’s denizy03. I love the combination of a chunky yarn with a small light look, plus it is convertible to wear in multiple ways.

This nautical crochet shawl is made using filet crochet and then adding a crochet anchor applique. This pattern is sold on Ravelry by Yana Muradian.

Etsy’s FiloFashion makes these beautiful floral shawls with terrific flowers!

This OOAK item by crochetlab was made by adding crochet motifs to a polar fleece. Smart!

The Dragonfly Shawl by Kristin Omdahl (from the book Crochet So Fine) is one I always remember! Beautiful design.

Etsy’s LilithPearl used vintage doilies and fabrics to create this one of a kind upcycled shawl.

Ivano Vitali crocheted this shawl out of recycled newspaper using his own custom-made oversized crochet hooks.

Did you find this post inspiring? You may also want to check out my roundups of 100 unique crochet scarves and 100 unique crochet hats.

Thought I’d see how it works to create an image gallery for this post (below). Thoughts?


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    um Wow!  I have seen a few of these before and even made a few myself, but most are new to my eyes.  Bravo.  A Great eclectic collection.  Let us not forget our eleder crochet statespeople, Sylvia Cosh and James Walters,  early scrUmblers, the moth coat, freeform etc.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @janicedavey Yes! I love sharing a variety of different things in one place so that hopefully there’s something for everyone and also something new to each person!

      • The Edwardian shawl goes to Yahoo home page only. No pattern showed up on it. :-) can you please send me the pattern or maybe a better link. Thank you. :-)

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    Paula Marshall  Yes, I added the little pictures because I was trying out the blog tool’s gallery option but I like the larger pictures better. And with many of them if you click through to the full links you see even bigger detailed images.

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    Im trying to find a pattern for “Vintage Crochet Bohemian Shawl with Fringe”
    The shawl is grey and has kinda like a starburst pattern on the back and elbows. It is long, down to the calf.
    If anyone knows where i can find the pattern please email me.
    Thanks Connie
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  16. most of them you can’t get the pattern — you have to buy the whole shawl!

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      Yes, this is a roundup for inspiration. Here are 20 shawl patterns if that is what you are seeking:

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