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I love stories about kids who crochet, especially boys who crochet, and there is one I just have to share with you. The crafter is Nathan Coburn, a tween who I found out about recently from a news story about his yarnbombing workshops.

Who is Nathan Coburn?

Nathan, aka Knit Kid, describes himself on his blog:

I am a young boy who likes to crochet, who lives in Vancouver, and has a passion for fiber arts.

Plus précisément, he is an 11-year-old boy who loves his Vancouver home, yarn stores and the creative life. He is a ballet student, an entrepreneur who takes custom orders for crochet work and

Yarnbombing Classes

In August of this year Nathan shared his first yarnbomb on his blog:

It’s actually his first large guerilla crochet tag; his first smaller ones are incorporates into the design at the top of the piece. He’s been yarnbombing for about two years after coming across the Livre Bombing filé in the library. You can pop over to his blog to see more of his work.

I learned about this yarnbombing work from a article de presse about how Coburn had received a neighborhood grant to teach yarnbombing classes in his area. He won the grant previously and used the money to teach origami, which he had learned in his Montessori school. This year it was yarnbombing. He did four sessions of yarnbombing lessons in his area; Vérifier Week One on his blog.

What an awesome kid!


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  1. Salut Kathryn, I wanted to contact you as, since you changed the site my RSS feed no longer works. I have you on my ‘live’ blogroll, on my blog but the last post that is listed is over a week ago. In desperation, I tried an unsubsribe and re subscribe but still get an error message headed up ‘Wordfence has limited your access to this siteevery time I try to access. Do you know if anyone else has had this problem? So sorry to write this in ‘Comments’, but your contact form does not like my e-mail address for some reason and says it’s invalid! Aide!
    (Great post btw)
    Many Thanks

    • CrochetBlogger Réponse

      @sparklyjools Thanks Jules. I am aware of the problem. Something weird happened with one of my plugins that affected my RSS feed. I think it was actually just a coincidence that it happened when I switched hosts although I’m not certain. En tout cas, it just so happened that it occurred right at the same time that my awesome web guy was moving across the country and setting up shop in his new space and due to moving and some technical issues he hasn’t been able to fix it yet. Cependant, he knows about the issue and is working on having it fixed shortly.

      Thanks for leaving the comment. (Not sure why the contact form wouldn’t be kind to you but I’ll send over an email as well.) It really does help when my readers tell me about things like this. En fait, it was readers letting me know that made me aware of this one in the first place. And it’s really touching that my readers care enough about my content to notice when it’s missing!

  2. @CrochetBlogger that’s awesome! I taught a group of at risk youth one yearit was mostly boys and they were awesome!

    • CrochetBlogger Réponse

      @rohnstrong I used to be a foster parent and worked extensively in the social work system. Those boys still really lack male role models.

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