Roulement de tambour s'il vous plaît … Le vainqueur de la 2012 award for the best bilingual crochet blog is:

* Haakblog de Annemarie: It’s All About Crochet *

Meilleur Blog bilingue au Crochet

Today’s Awesome Crochet Blog Award is for the best bilingual crochet blog. I did already do an award for the best foreign language crochet blog, but I wanted to showcase the great niche of bilingual (and even sometimes trilingual) craft blogs out there. These are blogs where the blogger writes their posts completely in two different languages (habituellement, mais pas toujours, a native language and English). It’s tough to do that and to correctly convey all of the information but it’s important because it embraces a bigger audience and celebrates crochet around the world.

Sur le gagnant

Annemarie is a Netherlands based crafter and crochet pattern designer with an Boutique etsy who teaches local workshops and shares her work on her blog. Annemarie’s Haakblog is a bilingual Dutch/ English blog. Son travail au crochet est varié mais comprend beaucoup de décoration dans des couleurs vives, combinés avec la pop blanc.

3 Le gagnant remporte des raisons

There are many several bilingual crochet blogs that I like. I chose Annemarie because:

  1. It’s easy to pop to the English part of the page. Annemarie puts her English text in italics so you can easily find it, which I appreciate since I often just skim blog posts to see if I want to check them out and I definitely don’t speak any Dutch. She makes her patterns available in both languages.
  2. She has introduced me to so many different crocheters that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. She shares links to work in Dutch (y compris Dutch crochet books) that you don’t see on a lot of other blogs. Plus she’s started doing a link party and lots of people from The Netherlands participate. This is a great example of how a bilingual blog can bring people together from different parts of the world.
  3. Her blog is just a good blog. This is a blog that I would read if it were just in English. I’d check out the photos if it were just in Dutch. It works in any langauge.

Qu'est ce Crochet Blog Award?

Ne sais pas ce que ce prix est tout au sujet? Il est l'un des mes récompenses annuelles de blogger au crochet, donnés sur ce blog chaque jour de décembre de chaque année. Apprendre tout ça ici.


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  1. it has been awhile since I posted a comment, but want you to know I read pretty regularly. I love your yearlyawardsand review! You always have interesting ideas and even talk about the weird stuff! Which brings me to that You are Drunk websiteI have not ever gone to it and I doubt that I will, Meaness may be funny to some people, but those people have a sociapathic side I suspect and cannot feel what some of us feel. Keep writing all you write, I totally enjoy it all

    • CrochetBlogger Réponse

      @susanbsnippy Thank you so very much for your kind words, ongoing support and being a reader of this blog!!

  2. annemariebenthem Réponse

    Thanks SO much for this award! I’ve read all you said about my blog andbesides the fact that it made me blush :-) – it made me feel so incredibly honoured! Thanks a lot for giving this award to me. I wish you the BEST 2013 and I wish you lots of creativity in the new year.
    Best wishes from Holland,

    • CrochetBlogger Réponse

      @annemariebenthem I love what you do and can’t wait to see more in the new year!

  3. Annemariesblog Réponse

    @CrochetBlogger thanks a MILLION!! :-) #blogaward I feel so honoured that you gave this award to me! Merci!!!

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