I’ve recently started sharing crochet-related content that I like on social sharing site Sulia. Today I’ve got a post up on my professional blog that tells you all about what Sulia is and how it works, how there are things I truly love about it, and what I’d love to see improved on the site.

Please check that post out here.

Sulia Experts

One of the things that Sulia does is it keeps a running tally of top contributors throughleaderboardsin any channel. These leaderboards show who is posting the most, commenting the most and getting the most attention in a specific niche over the past seven day period. This is a great way to find good content, figure out who some of the leaders are in a niche and visit those folksprofiles to see all of the different stuff they’re liking on the web right now.

I wanted to share with you who the top ten knitting and crochet experts are on Sulia right now based on those leaderboards. You’ll notice I’m at the top of several of those lists. I’m very active on Sulia but I do want to give you the full disclosure that I get paid a very, very modest fee for referrals to the site because I was hired as a Crochet-Expert Il. My opinions here are in no way affected by this fee. If you are bothered by this and want to make sure that you give me zero referral income to check it out just go ahead and Google Sulia and you’ll find it on your own. :) OK, now that that’s out of the way …

Crochet and Knitting on Sulia

Before I share the list of experts, I want to note that “tricot et crochet” is a single channel on Sulia. You can’t distinguish between the two crafts at this time (that may change; Sulia is constantly adapting to the needs of its community). So actually most of the experts on this list post entirely or mostly in knitting, pas de crochet. Cela dit, here are the ten current experts (sans ordre particulier) who are heading up the leaderboards in this channel right now:

1. Moi! Je suis Crochet de Concupiscence sur le site. I post mostly links to crochet. Some of these are links to my posts but most are links to crochet content that I like from other writers around the web. It’s one more way that I try to support the work of crochet bloggers in our great community! I also sometimes post to other Sulia channels including the craft, jewelry craft, San Francisco and writing channels, but by and large I post about crochet.

2. Paula Moliver. Her profile on Sulia explains: “Paula Moliver is a noted designer with a specialty in all things related to fiber. She spins and dyes her own yarn and is skilled in weaving and needle arts. She has been widely published in noted magazines including Arts & Métiers d'art, Better Homes & Gardens and the Decorative Painter.She shares a lot of links here to her Hartford Examiner Knitting column, which does occasionally mention crochet.

3. Amy O’Neill Houck. “Designer and Writer Amy O’Neill Houck creates crochet and knit designs for her pattern line, livres, et magazines. Amy also writes about food and life in Alaska for The Cordova Times. Elle a des articles à The Hook and I.On Sulia she shares lots of links to knit and crochet grom around the web.

4. Mercedes T. Clark. She says on Sulia: “Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark…Concepteur de tricots, Crocheter, artiste, seamstress, (former) dyer, fabricant, runner, foodie. Making stuff is like falling in love.She shares lots of knit, crochet, fil, fiber goodness on the site.

5. Jessica Okui. She says on Pinterest: “Will try just about any craft at least once. Obsessed with Japanese craft books.She shares a large variety of crafty links on Sulia from all around the webnot necessarily crochet per se but lots of fiber-y, felt-y stuff.

6. Lisa Clarke. She says on Sulia: “I raise boys, take pictures, knit sweaters, keep a less-than-perfect house, blog memories, sew skirts, play with clay, daydream about beach weekends, avoid home improvement projects, au crochet, couvertures, and spend slightly more time looking at screens than I probably should.Lisa shares a lot of links to varied crafts and frequently those include crochet projects.

7. Kari Sweeten of UCreateLLC which she says offers: “Thousands of free craft and DIY tutorials including: décor à la maison, parties, kids crafts, et bien plus encore!” Occasional crochet shares from this one mixed in, Bien sûr, with lots of other DIY links.

8. Annie Modesitt. Annie is a knitter and knitwear designer who has started sharing a bit from her blog via Sulia recently.

9. Tara Swiger. She explains on Sulia that she is: “Machine à, Starship Captain, Author of Market Yourself: A system for smart + creative businesses.She has tons of craft posts on Sulia, a large portion of which are yarn-y crafts. She shares from lots of places.

10. Barbara Lucas-Wilson. Her Sulia profile isn’t filled out, encore, so I can’t say for sure but I’m guessing this is the Frog Hollow Photography lady who lives in Rhinebeck. She’s recently started sharing on Sulia.

You can find all of us by visiting the Sulia Knit and Crochet Channel.

And a special mention for Diane of Craftypod. She isn’t on the leaderboards of knit and crochet right now but she’s active in the general craft boards and is the one who introduced me to Sulia in the first place.


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  1. Tricots de Anastacia Réponse

    never heard of the site, but I just joined. It looks cool, though there’s a few things I can already see that I don’t like, but I’ll have fun playing around with the site when I have more time. What time? LOL I’m always a month or two behind EVERYTHING! I hope I joined through you, I’m not sure if I did it right but hopefully you’ll earn your modest fee!

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