Je voulais juste poster un petit mot pour vous informer tous les, Si vous n'avez pas déjà, that Sharon Silverman’s new book is currently on its tour blog. Le livre s'appelle Crochet foulards: Fabuleuses Fashions – Diverses Techniques. It’s a book of 20+ Crocheter des modèles de foulard, y compris 7 Tunisian Crochet patterns. A few of them are quick-and-easy scarves, the kind that you’ll bookmark and use when you want to make a quick gift. However most of the patterns are challenging and will give the average crocheter a chance to learn some new skills.

How do I know all this? Puits, I have my copy already because Crochet Concupiscence is going to be a stop on the blog tour. My date isn’t until next month, so I have lots of time to play with the patterns in the book, and I’ve got something a little bit different planned to share with you when the blog tour does roll around here.

Dans l'intervalle, here are some of the other stops on the tour:

There will be a few more stops that aren’t on this list. Stay tuned to Sharon’s blog for the announcements about those and updates about the tour.

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      @undergroundcrafter I’m keeping my eye out to see if anyone rivals you so you don’t get my Awesome Crocheter Award for interviews two years in a row but so far you’re the only contender!

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