‘Crochet for a Beauty Day par CrochetBlogger

I think my extended houseguests and vacation are wearing me out because all I can think about today is how much I want to just relax. That’s why I’m making a treasury filled with crochet goodies for relaxation and self-pampering!

Crochet Face Scrubbies And W


Sexy Black Hearts Sleep Mask


Back Scrubber, Ribbed, Épais…


Washcloth gift basket set


Light Green Spa Cloths


Aqua, Red and White Womens C


Tea candles with crocheted c


Spa Set Woodland


Flower Potpourri Sachet- Spa


Soothing Spa Soap Saver Set


Personal Spa Set, Off White


Crochet Facial/Cotton/Cosmet


Outil du Conseil du Trésor par Rouge ligne Studio.


San Francisco fondée et écrivain obsédé par crochet, rêveur et esprit créatif!

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