I am including today’s crochet citation because it provides a counterpoint to the traditional way of thinking about crochet. Usually we consider crochet to be relaxing and meditative but this isn’t always the case for people who craft for the holidays or for business. Quote via blogger Faith.

Crochet is definitely not for the faint hearted………..in my house it is fast-paced and at the moment a little stressful!”

Do you ever find crochet to be stressful?


San Francisco fondée et écrivain obsédé par crochet, rêveur et esprit créatif!

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  1. Mostlynerdycrochet Réponse

    I feel that way when I’m running behind on posts for my blog. Sometimes it’s a nice reminder that if crochet is a hobby, to keep it a hobby! Don’t let deadlines ruin the fun.

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