You all know that I love collecting stories of cool older crocheters. En fait, I’ve got a collection of the stories from 2011 coming out soon in book form. Mais 2011 isn’t over quite yet and there are still new news reports coming out every day about great old women who crochet and have other stories to tell as well.

Here are five more awesome stories of old crocheting ladies who’ve recently made their local news:

  1. 86-Year-Old Reconnects with Hugh Hefner. Dorothy Thompson is an old woman today but back when she was in high school she knew Hugh Hefner. She recently got back in touch with him and received a Christmas card from him this year. Thompson used to knit, crochet and embroider although arthritis is slowing her down these days.
  2. Woman on Bed Rest Resumes Crochet. Lucy Paul is confined to her hospital bed as she deals with cancer. She had almost given up on crocheting. Cependant, a new in-home caregiver asked about the blanket on her bed, a blanket that Paul had once crocheted, and it sparked a conversation that got her crocheting again. The two women work together to crochet blankets, scarves and holiday decorations which the caregiver sells at a local flea market. Great products aren’t the only thing that’s come out of this crochet connection; a great new friendship has developed as well!
  3. 83-Year-Old Painter Collects Crochet. Mary Lou Corn is an artist who continues daily watercolor painting at the age of eighty three. She’s been painting for more than fifty years and exhibiting her work for the past 30 années. She dabbles in handicrafts and although I don’t know for sure if she crochets, I did read that she collects vintage crochet items.
  4. Elderly Couple Makes Thousands of Hats for Charity. Techniquement Belva and Bob Britton don’t crochet. They work on a round loom using a crochet hook to help them knit hats. That’s close enough for this blog, Bien que, because I really wanted to share their story. This couple is aged 85 et 94. They’ve been crafting for ten years and together they have made more than 10,000 hats for charity! You can read their full great story at the link on their names.
  5. Senior Volunteers Donate to 30+ Organizations for Holidays. Le Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Sussex County is made up of individuals age 55 and up who each have some type of disability that prevents them from going out into the community. They still want to give back, Bien que, so they knit and crochet various items that are donated to more than thirty different organizations. Trucs formidables!


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  1. fatima rosales naya Réponse

    It’s all so inspirational. Well done to all of you. I hope I’ll do the same if I live to be your age. Crochet heureux.

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