‘Most Expensive Luxury Crochet Items par CrochetConcupiscence

J'aime que Etsy propose ces divers points de crochet, de la bon marché au luxe vraiment. Voici une douzaine d'éléments les plus coûteux de crochet sur Etsy aujourd'hui.

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Tarra’s Tablecover


Crochet besspread


One-of-a-kind Crocheted Cott


Handmade crocheted bedspread


Mother Earth Goddess Dress b


LOLALBD Hand Crochet Dre


The Ultimate Touch


Robe “Autumn waltz&quo


Rag Rug Eight Foot Oval Hand


Crocheted Wedding Dress


Crochet AFGHAN unicursal hex


Série “Off wind blow&q…


Outil du Conseil du Trésor par Rouge ligne Studio.


San Francisco fondée et écrivain obsédé par crochet, rêveur et esprit créatif!

8 Commentaires

  1. They are probably worth more than this if you calculate the time and love that goes into them. However whether someone is going to pay the amounts is another thingwish they would!

  2. At first I was socked at the high prices but then when you think about the cost of the yarn and the amount of hours spent making these items they probably work out the right price.

    • Kathryn Réponse

      @Susan … C'est tellement vrai. It’s hard to imagine paying such prices but it’s totally well deserved if the crafter can get those rates.

  3. Fact is that most of us crafters sell our stuff way under value, so naturally when someone puts up prices that do reflect the work and price of yarn which goes into creating these pieces, then we tend to be slightly shocked.
    However I think that $1,000 delivery for the tablecloth is disgusting

  4. Elisabeth Andree Réponse

    The prices are shocking but…. The three other ladies wrote it already and I fully agree with you.

  5. Megan Tischner Réponse

    Most of those are beautiful and worth the pricea few, pas tellement.

  6. They don’t really want to part with them do they? I know how they feel :)

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