I only pay moderate attention to news about YarnBombing these days. I think yarnbombing is a cool art movement but I also feel like the world got a little oversaturated with it in the last year. Pour cette raison, I tend to skip over most articles about random people throwing up some guerilla crochet in their cities. Cependant, I do keep my eye out for cool stories and interesting takes on yarnbombing and that’s exactly what I saw when reading about the Aunty Social stitch ‘n bitch group in Blackpool (au Royaume-Uni).

Knittaz with Attitude

The yarnbombing group is called the Yarn Bobbings and is a smaller niche of a community stitch group. The larger group is called Knittaz with Attitude and consists of about forty people who meet weekly at a local community center. What really interested me about it is that this group is actually part of a larger community network called Aunty Social.

AntiSocial vs Aunty Social

L'idée derrière le nom est de sortir les gens derrière leurs écrans de télévision et l'ordinateur et dans le monde réel et l'ensemble de la communauté. Le nom spirituel nous rappelle qu'il y a une valeur pour mettre fin à votre comportement antisocial solitaire et contribuer à quelque chose dans la plus grande communauté. Le groupe veut également encourager les gens à sortir de leurs maisons pendant la nuit afin qu'ils voient leur communauté comme un match amical, lieu social plutôt qu'un mauvais, endroit effrayant. Aunty Social seems like a great friendly woman you want to get to know, droit? I like this idea.

Yarnbombing and Other Niches

The Aunty Social Group has a little bit of something for everyone. There is a mobile cinema meeting for people interested in the world of non-mainstream film. There are lessons in social media for organizations that could stand to leverage this knowledge. And then there’s the Yarn Bobbins, the group for yarnbombers in Knittaz with Attitude. Their slogan iskeep Blackpool toasty!” which is not only in line with the warmth of crochet and knit bombs but also with the bigger message of the Aunty Social group. I think it’s a nice way to show that yarnbombing and community can go hand-in-hand rather than being at odds.


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  1. lol, I LOVE the title aunty social, brillant :) Pretty much sums up our (jafagirl) view of yarnbombing and our other projects within a village that is very much about community.

    • Kathryn Réponse

      Thanks @JafabritI always love seeing what’s going on with your yarn-y art over on your blog. And I totally agree about the Aunty Social title; wish I had thought it up!

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