A Little Bit of Comfort is the oh-so-appropriate name for a Southern California project that gives donated handmade blankets to children in the foster care system. I was a foster parent for a couple of years and worked in various aspects of that system for a little bit longer so I can say from experience that many foster kids literally have nothing at all and having their very own blanket that gets to go with them from one place to another can be very comforting.

What many people don’t realize is the sheer number of times that children in foster care may have to move. It is the very rare child who goes into foster care and then gets adopted by those foster parents and lives in a home permanently. It is much more common for a child to go back and forth between their parents’ Page d'accueil(s) and multiple foster parents before getting adopted. And that’s if they get adopted. A large number of kids go from foster home to foster home to group home to other therapeutic placement and eventually age out of the system at 18.

Can you imagine experiencing that kind of instability as a kid? And many of these kids don’t get to keep much with them when they move from place to place. I met kids that literally had nothing except the clothes on their backs and sometimes they had just gotten those from a shelter. A blanket tends to be both durable and comforting and could provide a great bit of coziness to the child in this situation.

And even if the blanket doesn’t travel with the child for long, the gesture matters. A Sign On San Diego report describes a five-year-old girl coming to pick out her own handmade blanket from a stack of more than four hundred crochet, knit and quilted blankets. What a special experience! These blankets are handmade by volunteers who are as young as seven and as old as ninety four. These volunteers have made more than 1300 blankets for San Diego area kids to date.

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