I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I use Twitter. I like Twitter, which feels odd to say because it took me a long time to like it. I didn’t “Obtenez-le” at first. I made a lot of missteps. Cependant, I now feel like Twitter serves as a valuable resource to me, providing with both information and connections to the online crochet community. My next step is to figure out how I can serve people better through this channel. Twylah is one tool that’s helping me.

What Twylah Is

Twylah is basically a tool that you can use to organize your tweets into something like an online magazine or multi-subject blog format. It’s similar in idea to and other Twitter newspapers but I think it has a much cleaner form of organization. Plus, it’s for just your Tweets, not the tweets of people you’re following so it kind of serves like a blog of your tweets. Twylah pulls your Tweets and organizes them into categories. You can control the categories that show up. For my Twylah, I’ve made sure that the key categories are always “crochet” et “fil”. This would probably happen naturally anyway since those are the things I talk about most but I wanted to make sure. The other categories tend to be blogs (since I love to share other crochet blogs), crochet d'art, crochet quotes etc.

How Twylah Helps Me Hone My Tweets

Starting to use Twylah is helping me to pay more attention to what I tweet. I see it all laid out there and so I can get a good idea about what I’m sharing. That information is really helping me weed out the extraneous tweets that my online friends probably don’t care about. It’s also encouraging me to share high-quality RTs, which I always tried to do anyway but am now paying more attention to. There are other things I want to do with Twitter but the first thing I need to do is cut out the noise and make sure what I’m sharing is what I really want to be sharing and Twylah is helping me with that.

How My Readers Can Enjoy My Twylah

I also think that Twylah is great because it gives you a place to see all of a person’s recent Tweets in one setting, organized by category. So you can visit my page and immediately see links and discussion about crochet, yarn and related topics. People who don’t follow Twitter actively may find that there are a few select Twylah pages they want to pay attention to so that they get some of that information without so much of the Twitter noise.

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