If you watched my vidéo a couple of weeks ago showing the slideshow of my cowls and capelets then you might have spotted the debut of my two-toned convertible cowl capelets. I am really loving making and wearing these so I wanted to share them in more detail here.

The Purple and Green Convertible Cowl Capelet

The Black and White Convertible Cowl Capelet

About The Crochet Convertible Cowl Capelet

What I love about this design is that the item can be worn in lots of different ways (which I’ve tried to show here). I have several feathers and fascinators that can be worn not only in the hair but also as pins and that’s what I use to pin the cowl capelet closed in different ways. This open design leaves a lot more flexibility for the wearer than if I had chosen to close it off. Basically to make this I just do ribbed circles or hexagons, one in each color, and then I stitch them together for about ten stitches (and that’s the part that goes behind my neck). I love the two tone design, especially because when the item is worn as a cowl then you can control which color shows more.


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    • Kathryn Réponse

      Merci @Marie … I’m having so much fun making them and also finding new ways to wear them and new pins / clips to wear with them.

    • Kathryn Réponse

      Merci @ElisabethAndree … I definitely love their versatility. And I love taking silly fun photos. :)

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