It’s the second week of my new series Este año, Año pasado, El año anterior en Crochet. Echemos un vistazo a ganchillo noticias desde enero 7 – Enero 13.

Esta semana en 2011 Ganchillo

Ganchillo concupiscencia nació en enero 15, 2011 so I don’t have a 2011 news selection for you this week but those will kick off in next Sunday’s edition of this series.

Esta semana en 2012 Ganchillo

2012 photo by Erin Cecil of crochet art by Adrian Kershaw

The crochet artist that I profiled during these dates in 2012 fue Adrian Kershaw. Toma vieja cinta VHS y lo recicla en obra de arte escultórico a través del ganchillo. Lamentablemente en mayo 2012 one of her pieces was vandalized. Of course this didn’t deter her from continuing on with her work. En agosto 2012 the Boise Arts and History Blog did a gran artículo about her process. Are you interested in recycled VHS crochet? There’s a tutorial from Spotted Gazelle.

Another amazing exposición de arte del ganchillo happening during this week in 2012 was the “Sticks, Los ganchos y el Mobius: Knit and Crochet Go Cerebral” exhibit in Pennsylvania. It included the conical crochet piece by Kathleen Greco of Jelly Yarns show above, which was inspired by coral, as well as other science and math-based crochet. I wrote a lot about mathematical and scientific crochet throughout 2012; perhaps my favorite was the nubes de ganchillo by Ciro Najle.

Finally during this week last year I wrote about the then-new social networking site Hobzy designed specifically to let people interested in hobbies and crafts (como ganchillo) share their interest with one another. I never ended up getting active in Hobzy myself. There are just way too many social networks to join! (Recently I became part of Sulia as their crochet expert, por ejemplo). I do see from a look at the site today, Aunque, that there are people using it and a lot of them are interested in crochet so it may be worth checking out.

Noticias de ganchillo 2013

The three most interesting crochet news items I spotted this past week were:

1. Michael’s Names 2013 Craft Trends. This big craft store named four trends for the year in crafting:

  • Nostalgia and vintage
  • EcoChic
  • Use of unexpected materials
  • Personalization of everyday objects using crafting.

How are you liking this new way of looking back at the recent history of crochet?

2. The Upper Moreland Needlecrafters is a group of elderly members crochet afghans for those in hospice care. Here’s the news video about them:

3. Teen Teaches Crochet For Girl Scout Award

I love seeing teens who crochet and it’s even better when they teach the craft to others. Kate Rosenberg has been crocheting for ten years and wanted to honor the craft to get her Girl Scout Gold Award. “The Gold Award is earned by Girl Scouts who demonstrate 80 hours of creative, focused service in their community. Rosenberg’s project included writing a crochet handbook filled with design patterns and instructions in addition to helping those interested in learning first-hand.” Wow.


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

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