2011 en crochet: Azzedine Alaia, Calvin Klein, christmas tree, copos de nieve

Generalmente los domingos miro hacia atrás en las fechas de la misma semana en 2011 para ver lo que pasó en crochet basado en lo que entonces era blogging. Este mes el horario es un poco inestable debido a las actividades del blog ocupadas en diciembre. Hoy veremos volver este blog para las fechas de 12/2/2011 a través de 12/15/2011, see what was happening then and get some updates on those things.

Arte del ganchillo

I profiled the artistic fashions of upcycled crochet designer Marion Macedo. I have not seen new announcements about this artist’s work since the profile.

I shared this crochet brain video. I really love stop motion crochet and later did a roundup of 20 stop motion crochet videos that of course included this one.

Hice un rodeo de los árboles de Navidad de ganchillo. So fun to put together. This year I’m loving the trees crocheted by Según Matt y Coser lujoso elegante.

I learned that artist Mandy Greer had learned to crochet from her husband. Dato. El most recent news from Mandy is that she has a new art portfolio book for sale, Foto de arriba.

Artista de ganchillo Magda Sayeg talked about her process. The most recent thing I’ve seen from this artist was an interview in Gestalt Journal where she discusses her history with this art and some of her current projects.

Olek’s art was vandalized but she said to go easy on the vandals. Check out this new video of Olek’s work:


¡ Me encanta Punto Local, a book about local yarn buying. That inspired me to write a post with 10 reasons to buy local yarn as well as a post featuring 80 Local U.S. Vendedores de hilado.

Hice una revisión de Ganchillo Softies for its blog tour. Author Stacey Trock is currently working on her next book, which I believe is due out in 2013.

I also reviewed the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Book 6, which is about edgings. It’s a good resource but I’d recommend Edie Eckman’s Around the Border if you’re looking for a good book on edgings.

Ganchillo inspiración

I did an interview with crochet designer Anastacia Knits. She continues to create new designs and in fact is giving away several of her patterns here on the blog this week as part of my big Ganchillo concupiscencia 12 Días del sorteo de Navidad.

Items featuring Demasiado legítimo para tejer. You can now find a lot of these pinned on Pinterest.

I rounded up a list of ten foreign language crochet blogs. I now devote a regular series of posts to this topic. I recently wrote a guest post about foreign blogs for Ganchillo hoy. Además, I now have a translator in this blog’s sidebar for foreign readers, which wasn’t the case one year ago.

Moda de ganchillo

Miré Azzedine Alaia for my Designer Crochet series. I don’t spot anything new from this brand in crochet.

I also looked at Calvin Klein crochet. A look at the online store today turns up somecrochet-inspireditems but no crochet.

Noticias de ganchillo

El Mollie Makes magazine had recently come out and I was interested in it. I never did check out a copy although I follow their happenings online. Mollie Makes now has an iPad app issue called Gathered that also looks inspiring but I don’t have an iPad so I haven’t dug into it myself.

Project Linus Was Named 2012 Recipient of Market Street Change for Charity. The organization gets funding in a specific quarter and they are actually wrapping up their quarter right now.

Quienes del ganchillo

Crocheter Anna Manna Durham had turned one hundred and celebrated by taking her first helicopter ride. I don’t have an update on her but sure she hope she’s still doing well!

Delores Schlegel crocheted caps for the needy while her husband sat by her side reading. Dulce.

School crochet clubs fueron popping up everywhere. I’m happy to say that I continue seeing news here and there about kids crocheting in class projects.

Myanmar immigrant Win Htay was making a modest income crocheting yarmulkes for a Jewish museum.

And there were 5 more awesome old women who were crocheting

Cotizaciones de ganchillo

Algunas de las cosas que dijeron que algunas personas inteligentes:

“I don’t run and I don’t do lots of things but I like to knit and I like to crochet.”Cathie Haldane

“Simple definitely doesn’t have to be boring, and there’s no need for chunky to be frumpy.”Jen Geigley

“If you’re not familiar with blocking then don’t be afraid. It’s really quite a simple task. Básicamente, you’re steaming or washing your finished piece of work then pinning it down in the desired shape while it dries so that your stitches are allowed to settle into the fabric.”Suturas de Shorty

“Crochet is definitely not for the faint hearted………..in my house it is fast-paced and at the moment a little stressful!” – Fe

“Crochet hooks are the unsung heroes of our craft.”Crocheting with Dee

“Give a crocheter a pattern, y ella hará una copia exacta de la muestra en el patrón. Pero enseñar a un crocheter cómo utilizar un patrón, y no hay nada que le pare!” – Stacey Trock

"La próxima vez te encuentras en tu tienda local del hilado o en su mercado, hablar con alguien acerca de donde proviene de la fibra en tus manos. ¿Cómo se hizo? where was it milled? ¿Qué tipo de proceso de tinte se utilizó? The more you understand about your fiber and where it came from, el más informaron será y más apreciará el proceso". – Tanis Gray

“You don’t need to be a spinner to love fibers! I’m not a spinner but it doesn’t stop me from indulging in an assortment of fiber.”Knit Picks

“I am obsessed with making things in general, but I especially like making things with fiber. I love to spin, dye, tejer, crochet and have even been known to weave a bit.”Crochet Renee

And part of a song from Dora Ohrenstein:

“Let the stitch tell you what it wants to be
They can go in circles, or stand in line
You can make them big and bulky, or make them fine.
Just pay close attention to its natural tendencies
A stitch won’t disappoint you, it always aims to please.”

Ganchillo en Etsy

I shared an Etsy treasury of crochet el copo de nieve artículos. My favorite item in this treasury was the earrings shown above, still for sale from DesignAnna.

I also did a treasury of hot guys wearing crochet hats. It was posts like this one that inspired me to write a Handmadeology guest post called How to Exploit Hot Men and Sell More on Etsy.


Miramos el pros and cons of crocheting with mohair yarn. I haven’t written a lot about this since but maybe I should do a roundup of mohair patterns.

Tango mandarina was named the color of the year by Pantone so I did a roundup of 5 tangerine colored yarns. To be honest I didn’t see a lot of people specifically using that color this year despite that prediction. The new color prediction for 2013 is Emerald, which sounds a lot more user-friendly to me!

Lo que era hasta

I had just finished this silk bamboo granny square blanket, which you can see in my living room today.

I signed up to do a mug rug swap, eventually making this one.

I crocheted these motivos to start a scarf. Para ser honesto, I still have the motifs and no scarf.

I had just started working on what ended up being this bolso de ganchillo.

I bought yarn and a crochet Pacman ghost from Bazaar Bizarre. I recently used some of that yarn to make a capucha de ganchillo.

Compartí una actualización de cinco cosas que había aprendido tan lejos el proyecto conectado juntos hacía. I checked out Bunny Mummy’s blogroll where I discovered several blogs I still follow including Posie Gets Cozy, IDA Interior Lifestyle, Linhas Imaginarias and Tangled Happy.

Empecé mi 31 Días de regalos de ganchillo para el mes de diciembre. Este año en cambio estoy haciendo un 12 Días del sorteo de Navidad de ganchillo, which is already in full swing. Enter now!

También lancé mi 2011 todos los días Impresionante Crochet Blogger awards, que voy a hacer otra vez este mes de diciembre. This one is also in full swing again this year with awards being handed out daily this month for all of the awesome bloggers out there writing about crochet.

¿Te perdiste alguno de estos puestos el año pasado? Puede visitar los originales utilizando los enlaces a lo largo de este post.


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

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