¡ Bienvenido a día 3 de 12 Días de Navidad de ganchillo in which one lucky winner will get a chance to win crochet patterns from two different indie designers. There are two accessories patterns from A Creative Being and one winner’s choice pattern from Mel’s Daisy Patch. Plus I’m adding four Piecework magazines from my own stash.

Premio de hoy: Crochet patrones

Obtendrá un ganador seleccionado al azar:

More info on the three patterns up for grabs today:

Drops of Joy Crochet Pattern donated by Wink of A Creative Being. This is a pattern to make a super cute cascading drops headband.

Mini Teacup Ring crochet pattern donated by Wink of A Creative Being. Este es un patrón para un accesorio de crochet adorable.

Winner’s choice crochet pattern donated by Mel’s Daisy Patch. The pattern pictured here is the super cute Snuggle Puppy Blanket but the winner can choose any single pattern from esta página.

In addition to the patterns offered for giveaway by today’s sponsors, I’m adding four back issues of Piecework magazine from my own stash. This is a terrific magazine that shares the history and patterns of various crafts, incluyendo ganchillo. The four issues I have are all from 2012 and are the March/April, May/June, July/August, and September/October issues.

Gracias a los patrocinadores

Today’s giveaway prize was sponsored by two indie designers: Marinke Slump of A Creative Being and Melissa Graham of Mel’s Daisy Patch. Learn more about each of these great ladies:

Marinke is a crochet designer and Blogger that you can find on Facebook y Ravelry. Comparte:

Hola! I’m Marinke but you can call me wink. I started crocheting a couple of years ago to keep myself busy, and it still keeps me busy today! I share my creativity on my blog a couple of times a week. I focus mainly on crochet but you’ll also find free patterns there, as well as peeks into my life. I hope to inspire people to be creative on a daily basis, and to spread that happiness!” :)

Melissa shares:

My name is Melissa Graham and I am the owner and designer at Mel Daisy parche Crochet y artesanías. Empecé a ganchillo en 2007 after losing my mom in a car accident. It was something she always wanted me to learn to do and became a way for me to deal with the pain of her loss. I never dreamed that a couple of years later I would be designing my own crochet patterns or that I would have a blog and online stores. I have to say crochet has been a blessing for me in many ways. It was not only a way to deal with the pain of loss but also a means to meet wonderful people and make lasting friendships. I started the blog as a way to follow others who shared the same desires I had for crochet and through it I have made friendships with other crocheters and crafters from many different cities and countries.

Cuando empecé a tejer, I made and donated prayer shawls to friends and organizations in my area. I started designing my own patterns when my kids wanted me to make them things that I could not find a pattern for online. They tend to be my critiquers and let me know whether or not something is going to work. I have yet to make very many things for myself. Most of the things that I make either end up in my children’s rooms or at someone else’s house. Crochet for me is not just a hobby; it is a part of my heart that I can physically share with others.

Cómo entrar en el sorteo

Do you want to win these terrific crochet patterns? Usted debe correr la voz sobre este sorteo. Puedes hacerlo en uno o más de las siguientes maneras, Vale la pena una entrada cada uno:

  • Tweet el sorteo. Enlace a este post y mencionar @CrochetBlogger, @winkieflash and @daisycrochet.
  • Compartir en Pinterest. Perno de cualquiera de las imágenes en este post (ligado al post, Claro).
  • Compartir en Facebook. Enlace a este post.
  • Compartir a través de G . Enlace a este post.
Una vez usted ha compartido este sorteo con al menos una de las entradas anteriores, También puedes conseguir entradas adicionales, Vale la pena un punto cada uno, al hacer cualquiera de las siguientes cosas:
Cuando haya terminado con todas las entradas, me deja un comentario en este post compartir todos los enlaces a todas las entradas (por ejemplo, en el Tweet que publicada y a tu Pinterest página).

No olvides tus entradas adicionales

No olvides que los tres personas que tienen la mayoría de las entradas al final de la 12 días de regalos ganará cada uno una copia firmada de Crochet salvó mi vida. Si esto le interesa entonces querrás hacer también cualquiera de los siguientes puntos de bonificación:

  • Compartir un enlace a la Página Web de Ganchillo salvó mi vida usando cualquier red social. 3 puntos de entrada.
  • Blog sobre este sorteo en tu propio blog. Debe incluir al menos un enlace a Crochet concupiscencia. Puede ser que este post o el detalles del sorteo. 10 puntos de entrada.
  • Escribir un blog en tu propio blog diciendo a la gente acerca de por qué te gustaría ganar una copia firmada de Crochet salvó mi vida. Un enlace a www.crochetsavedmylife.com. 10 puntos de entrada.
  • Añadir este sorteo a tu barra lateral. Usar la imagen en la parte superior de este post (Siéntase libre para cambiar el tamaño según sea necesario) y Enlace a este post. 20 puntos de entrada.
  • Añadir Ganchillo concupiscencia para el blogroll en tu barra lateral. 20 puntos de entrada.

Quiero el completo detalles del sorteo aquí.


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

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    sorry I missed the first 2 días. Thansk for doing this Kathryn!

    • CrochetBlogger Respuesta

      @icrochetinoh The first two days are actually still open so you are welcome to check them out and enter. All days are open until Christmas Day and winners will be announced 12/26. So enter away!!

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