Examinar nuestros EN CASA, MANO hilados de distintos colores

All regular posts on the blog are suspended this week. I’ve got tons going on with other projects and I’m also celebrating my birthday which is this Friday April 13th. Normal posts will resume again in a week. But I didn’t want to leave you hanging until then so all week long on the blog you are welcome to enter my huge giveaway in which one lucky randomly-selected winner will get a big crocheter’s dream prize.

Here’s What You Can Win

One lucky winner will receive everything that you see in this picture (clicking on it will take you to a bigger version of the image):

Here are some other photos of a few of the items close up:

Here’s a list of everything that is included:

  • 32 bolas de hilo!
    • 1 50 bola gramo (81 yardas) Fern loop-d-loop ribbon yarn in black
    • 1 50 bola gramo (143 yardas) Knit Picks Suri Dream alpaca-wool yarn in Blueberry color
    • 1 20 bola gramo (52 yardas) Filpucci Mousse mohair/silk yarn in blue color
    • 1 25 bola gramo (85 m) ball Lang Lanalux (merino/nylon/polyester) in glittering blue blac
    • 1 100 bola gramo (170 m) of Calore from Yarns of Italy in a purple-red color
    • 1 50 bola gramo (47 yardas) Plymouth Firenze Boucle (Lana, acrílico, nylon) in purple/blue/pink colorway)
    • 1 70 bola gramo (162 yardas) Lion Brand Wool-Easy Worsted Weight in Pines colorway
    • 1 113 gram ball Sugar ‘n Cream 100% cotton yarn in Ecru
    • 1 ball (136 yardas) Filati Torre Rubino 100% mercerized Italian cotton yarn in grey/purple color
    • 1 50 bola gramo (77 yardas) Moda Dea Lazy Daisy novelty yarn in Wavy Navy color
    • 1 50 bola gramo (62 yardas) Moda Dea Swirl novelty yarn in Rosette colorway
    • 1 100 bola gramo (163 yardas) Bernat Satin in Silk (white-ish) colorway
    • 3 70 gram balls Paramazz acrylic yarn (worsted weight). 1 each in purple, pink and green
    • 2 50 gram balls (85 yardas cada uno) Lion Brand FUN yarn in red
    • 2 50 gram balls (~100 yards each) Cascade Fixation cotton and elastic stretchy yarn in purple/green color
    • 2 50 gram balls (33 yardas cada uno) Patons Voodoo in Ruby color
    • 2 50 gram balls (67 yardas cada uno) Moda Dea Ticker Tape nylon ribbon yarn in Monet color
    • 2 50 gram balls (71 yardas cada uno) Phentex Fashion Eight feathery novelty yarn in black/white
    • 2 30 gram balls (90 yardas cada uno) “knitting funky fringe yarn polyester novelty yarn in blue
    • 3 56 gram balls Creme de la Creme Worsted Weight combed cotton yarn (2 in blue and 1 in dalmatian)
    • 1 cone (273 yardas) Habu Tectiles Wool Stainless Steel thread in dark grey
    • 2 partial balls of rainbow crochet thread, they don’t match each other, not sure of weight
  • 6 Gently Used Crochet Books and Booklet
    • The Crochet Bible by Sue Whiting
    • Crocheted Softies by Stacey Trock
    • Bring Color to Crochet by Renate Kirkpatrick
    • The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert
    • My Crochet Booklet of Elderly Crocheter Stories
    • Poncho Panache booklet from Annie’s Attic
  • 13 Secondhand Crochet Magazines
    • Crochet World June 2011
    • Crochet World August 2011
    • Crochet World October 2011
    • Crochet World December 2011
    • Crochet World February 2012
    • Crochet World April 2012
    • Ganchillo hoy! July/August 2011
    • Ganchillo hoy! Sep/ Oct 2011
    • Ganchillo hoy! Nov/Dec 2011
    • Ganchillo hoy! Jan/Feb 2012
    • Piecework Sp/Oct 2011
    • Piecework Nov/Dec 2011
    • Rápida & Easy Crochet Spring 2012
  • 5 Paz, amor, Yarn Bumper Stickers and 2 Paz, Amor, Yarn Magnets
  • 1 Size G Plastic Crochet Hook from Unique
  • 1 Size I Bamboo Crochet Hook from Clover
  • 1 Punto de ganchillo
  • 2 Stitch Markers
  • Conjunto de 40 colored straight pins
  • 1 crocheted wine bag and 1 crocheted drawstring bag
  • Super cute red and white pannier bag with multiple pockets, great for carrying a crochet book and it includes built-in bicycle hooks!
  • Acerca de 2/3 of an opened 16 oz bag of white, eco-friendly recycled polyester fiberfill for stuffing crochet animals and amigurumi

Y por último, if the winner wants it, I’ll also throw in free sidebar advertising on Crochet Concupiscence for 90 days plus an ad in the May issue of the Crochet Concupiscence monthly newsletter.

Here’s How You Can Enter

The point of this giveaway (besides giving you a huge prize for being an awesome supporter of my work!) is to spread the word about some of my favorite projects on this blog. That’s why you have loads of entries available to you. Here they all are:

  • Pin Me! I want to make sure people know about all the work I’ve been putting into my 365 Formas de desgaste del ganchillo project so you get one entry for every single picture you pin to Pinterest from any of these posts. I’ve done a post every day so far this year with multiple pictures on each post and you get one entry for every pic you pin this week. You can find all of the posts aquí. There’s also already a board showing one photo from each of those posts so you can repin those if you prefer; the board is aquí.
  • Facebook Shares! I also want to get some attention for my Proyecto de diseño del ganchillo y mi Biografías de los artistas del ganchillo. You can share any and all of the posts from these two categories to your Facebook. Otra vez, you’ll get one entry for every single post that you share.
  • Stumble It! I want more people to be able to find me through StumbleUpon. Puedes Encuéntrame aquí and give a Stumble review to any of the posts that you find there on my profile. You get one entry for each post of mine there that you stumble.
  • Tweet Tweet. Tweet any or all of the individual lists on this list of 25 listas. Simplemente haga clic en el que desea compartir y Tweet. One entry for each one that you share.
  • And a G+ Option. Share any of the entrevistas de ganchillo that I’ve done with your G+ circles. One entry per share.
  • Blog Me. I’ll give 20 additional entries to any bloggers that add my homepage as a link in the blogroll on their blog’s sidebar. I’ll give 15 additional entries to any blogger who does a post of ten reasons to visit Crochet Concupiscence with a link back to the blog. I’ll give 10 additional entries to anyone who blogs about this giveaway this week with a link back to this post.

Make Sure You Follow These Rules

  • Every single item you share should link back to the Crochet Concupiscence post that it comes from regardless of which social site you’re using.
  • Leave me a comment that tells me how many entries you get and a link to your profile so I can double-check the number of entries. Por ejemplo, your comment might say “Asigné 100 fotos – you can check it at my Pinterest account which is http://pinterest.com/kathrynvercillo/.
  • You can leave multiple comments if you do this on multiple days. Por ejemplo, on Monday you might leave a comment saying that you pinned 10 photos and then on Tuesday you can come back and say you pinned eight more. Sin embargo, I don’t require individual comments for each post. You can tell me how many entries you get in the most convenient way for you as long as I can check on it.
  • Entries will be accepted through midnight, Friday April 13th PST. Unfortunately due to the size of the winning package I can’t accept international entries unless you are willing to pay for shipping. The winner will be selected using Random Generator and will be announced on the blog on Sunday April 15th.

Buena suerte!


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

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  1. Kathryn, you are so inspiring. I do like this site. (Even though the phone app gives me grief sometiimes). I’lve kind of wanted to try tweeting, so maybe this is a chance to do it. Sin embargo, I’m still working on Pininterest. De todos modos, I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday. You have a great birthday, it’s mine too! And on Friday the 13th even!! That’s ok, us Aries can handle it! LOL Have a good week., And you’ll definitely hear from me. It’s a great package you’re giving away. (Now my comments are out of the way) LOL

    • CrochetBlogger Respuesta

      @joyannerose Happy birthday back atcha for sure! I’ll have to take a look into the phone app to find out what’s going on with it so thanks for the heads up on that. Tienen una gran semana!

  2. I have posted 3 links via my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheNeedleNerd

  3. https://www.facebook.com/thesteadyhand – Compartido 3 of your posts on my FB page.

  4. I’ve repinned you 14 times on my Crochet 2 pinboard on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/Pandastamper/.

  5. First of all I would like to say a big thank-you for being so wonderfully generous!! And I really want one of those books lol. So I have entered as follows . I have added you to my blogroll here www.wordpress.beberouge.com. I have tweeted all 25 lists here https://Twitter.com/#!/beberouge_. I have Google+ all the interviews I could and have facebooked or tweeted the ones with out the google plus option so I shared all 25 Pero 5 were through other sources not sure if thats in the rules :). I have pinned 46 of your 365 days to wear crochet to my pinboard here http://pinterest.com/beberouge/crochet/. And I have facebooked 19 Desinger Posts and 14 Artist Profiles on my facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/beberouge1. All up I think that makes 144 o 149 depending on if you want to count the interviews I facebooked or tweeted instead of google + oh google+ address is https://plus.google.com/u/0/116857340528323828224/posts and once again a big thank-you for running such a wonderful competition and an awesome blog. XX

    • CrochetBlogger Respuesta

      @beberouge Thank you for all of the amazing entries! I’ll definitely be counting those five extra entries. Eres buenísimo. Buena suerte!

  6. So far today I have posted 2 items on twiter @BearyAnn_Crafts – 1 on Google Plus @BearyAnn PawterI repinned you on Pinterest as BearyAnn

  7. tammyskowhegan1 Respuesta

    OOO….I love this giveaway! Tons of goodies! Feliz cumpleaños! Mine was the 8th…lol

  8. Anastacia Knits Respuesta

    2 pins on pinterest – http://pinterest.com/anastaciaknits/will try to do more entries later! Gracias Kathryn

  9. PoorGirlCouture Respuesta

    I pinned a bunch of your gorgeous goods, you can find them here: http://pinterest.com/poorgirlcouture/knitting-fiber-arts-upcycling/
    I also FB shared a post of yours here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/poorgirl.couture

    :) Thank you for bringing Crochet to the limelight! I am working hard to do the same, we are fashionistas, and can create more than afghans!

  10. I pinned one, and G+’d one
    Pinerest: http://pinterest.com/tlwc74/
    G : https://plus.google.com/u/0/106328684543227261041/posts//p/pub

  11. I pinned several pieces: http://pinterest.com/pin/155444624608626302/

  12. I pinned several pieces: http://pinterest.com/pin/155444624608626302/

    I’ve tweeted: https://Twitter.com/#!/sayitrahshay/status/190274206511022081

    You’re on my blog roll: http://www.sayitrahshay.com
    I shared on Facebook via myblog page.

  13. LaurindaReddig Respuesta

    Wow! I need, and do not have ALL of those books. It’s rare I see that many crochet books in a group and not 1 I already have. :)

    Shared Armani & Donna Karen posts on ReCrochetions on FB. Twitter 25 Books and Things I’ve Learned. Cubrió 4 365 entradas.

    Will have to work on a blog post about your upcoming book. :)
    And happy birthday too!

  14. I wrote a blog post about the giveawy:
    It’s called I is for incredible as this haul is INCREDIBLE!

  15. And I also wanted to wish you a happy birthday. My lust for so many wonderful yarnthings made me forget my manners!

  16. dragonsinger954 Respuesta

    Twittered https://Twitter.com/#!/Dragonsinger/status/190533457816989697

    Pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/164240717630882581/

    and Linked in my sidebar :D http://trinityknot.blogspot.com/

  17. I’ve been busy, but you know I’m still new at a lot of these social networks. I tried posting a lot more than I actually did. De todos modos. I know I Pinned 3 of your 365 formas de desgaste del ganchillo. Asigné 6 of your art/designers and and Liked all 6 for FB (Not sure if that’s what you meant for us to do). Definitely put 1 en facebook. Twitter 5 of your list. Also tweeted about your blog as it wouldn’t let me put any more of your list up right now?! I also followed you on FB and Twitter, and friend req. Te. (I don’t have a blog (Sin embargo), so I thought the tweet would help. Wow, not much for 3 hours on internet. But I found lots of interesting things. (Most of my pins are copied frrom you).
    Everything should be under Joyannerose. Happy Birthday again.

  18. Shared on Facebook via my blog page, Say it Rah-shay https://www.facebook.com/Sayitrahshay
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  20. dragonsinger954 Respuesta

    Tweeted today: https://Twitter.com/#!/Dragonsinger/status/190946675173490689

    Love these lists of 25! Finding some great ideas and suggestions on them :D Thanks for putting them together

  21. SuperNerdyHookr Respuesta

    I’ve got 62 pins from the 365 formas de desgaste del ganchillo

    También, Feliz cumpleaños!!

  22. I shared this post on Pinterest:

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  24. 5 pins (pinterest.com/cmouse01/needlecrafts/)
    5 tweets (https://Twitter.com/#!/cmouse01)

  25. Hey Birthday Girl – Tengo 6 more tweets in. Can’t wait to check out all the things i tweeted. :) From Birthday Girl aka @Joyannerose (Joyce Armstrong)

  26. I tweeted this post:

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  29. i pinned it twice. you can check on: http://www.pinterest.com/mykailal/crafts/ you may have to scroll down a little. :)

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