Examinar nuestros EN CASA, MANO hilados de distintos colores

It is so trendy right now to make yarn from recycled items. Hay Plarn (de bolsas de plástico), Varn (de cinta VHS) y últimamente he estado escuchando mucha gente menciona harn, which is yarn made from old hosiery. Sólo iba a través de mi reserva de hilo para conseguir todo fotografiado para mis objetivos de inventario de superar mi escondite y me topé con un hilado vintage que juro que es básicamente sólo harn.

Primero, what is harn?

Harn is what you get when you take old hosiery, cut it into strips and stick the strips together to get yarn. Curious about doing it? Here’s a harn tutorial.

Here’s what harn looks like:

That harn tutorial has a picture that I have gotten an enlarged version of (con permiso – Gracias RecycledN2Yarn!):

Ok, now the vintage yarn I found:

I swear it looks and feels almost exactly like hosiery.

More about this yarn

I got this yarn in a package of vintage yarn. I think it was one of the packages that my dad sent me from his thrifting and yardsaling in Ohio last summer. I hadn’t looked closely at all of the yarn until recently when I decided to photograph all of my yarn to get it organized as a Ravelry stash so I can start getting better about working from the stash.

This yarn does have the packaging on it. It’s called Phentex: Knitting Yarn of 100% Polypropylene. I looked it up and polypropylene has been used to make hosiery in the past. It says it was distributed by Pic Corporation in Connecticut (but made in China). Es un 3.2 ounce pull skein, not sure of the yardage.

The package says that it is:

  • stain resistant
  • machine washable
  • machine dryable
  • non-stretch
  • non-shrink
  • retains shape
  • non-fading
  • long-wearing
  • non-allergenic

I also think it might be psychic yarn

If you can read that photo (lo siento, that one’s a cell phone pic because my real camera is charging) then you’ll see that the label says it isnew tomorrow’s yarn today”. If hosiery yarn (Harn) is the hot new thing and this is so similar to that then I think that the vintage yarn makers of yesterday had it right!

Have you ever crocheted with hosiery yarn?

And has anyone seen this style of yarn before?


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  1. I’ve never crocheted with yarn like that, but have seen it around before. Not sure what I would use it for.

    • CrochetBlogger Respuesta

      @blogbyzula Yeah I have no idea what I’ll use it for either. If it hadn’t come in a big box with other stuff I probably wouldn’t have gotten it but it’s kind of intriguing.

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