If you know me then you know I’m just in love with these stories of awesome old ladies who crochet and do other cool things. Today’s feature in this vein is about Blondell Beauford, a ninety year old woman who does crochet in her spare time but probably doesn’t have tons of spare time since this woman is still working as the employee of a salon!

Faith Boone of the Sun News shares the story of this amazing woman’s life and it’s a story that makes me want to know the lady. Honestly I think that almost everyone has an interesting life story when you get to talking to them and I’m so thrilled that our town’s newspapers find these ladies and share those stories.

Some of the highlights from Beauford’s life story include:

  • She was born in South Carolina. She was the second of four girls but her mother died in childbirth with the last baby so her father had to raise the four girls alone.
  • She was a certified welder when she was a teenager. Wow!
  • She wanted to become a nurse but she was partially paralyzed in her late twenties. Her doctor told her that she would never be able to do the lifting required to be a nurse so she decided to become a cosmetologist. She was in a wheelchair and didn’t work for two years but she pressed on with determination.
  • She began working in salons as a colorist and that became her lifelong career.
  • She was about 70 when her husband became ill and she took five years off of work at that time but she really wasn’t ready to stay at home. En la edad 75 she became an employee of a salon and spa. That’s ten years after most people are retiring! She doesn’t do color anymore, mostly because the process has changed so much since she started and she doesn’t like the changes, but she does active work shampooing and taking care of the customers in various ways. She works full days three days per week.

As you might have guessed, this is a woman who does not like to sit still. She likes to be active and productive. That’s probably why spends her free time crocheting. She also likes to read and work puzzles, keeping both her mind and her body active. She does have arthritis but doesn’t have any other medical conditions. She notes that people who have too much time on their hands are the ones that complain all the time about their medical conditions and seems to recommend staying busy as a cure!

Do you know anyone who continued working into their nineties?


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