La capucha del ganchillo fue algo que hice para mi. Usa uno de mis favoritos hilados y mis puntos favoritos.


He usado Bambú de seda de los patons yarn for this cowl. I love this yarn and definitely want to try other silk bamboo blends. They’re kind of hard to find since most of them also have wool blended in and what I’m looking for is the pure softness of just silk and bamboo together. Entretanto, I have a bunch of this leftover from an order I placed to make my Plaza manta gran abuela so I’m using it for a bunch of stuff. Here I used sapphire for the bulk of the cowl and the light grey for the edging.

Puntadas de ganchillo

My favorite crochet fabric is to do each row by alternating fpdc and bpdc. That’s what I’ve done here. It makes a plush, rich fabric. I did find out that this yarn doesn’t lend itself as well to this stitch pattern as some of the other yarns I’ve used. It gets really heavy so this is a much heavier cowl than what I’m used to. It works for me here because the cowl’s size allows the weight to pool in the center and create that crossed look even though it’s just a circle (not a mobius). I probably wouldn’t use this stitch pattern again with the yarn but I’m happy that I made this. It’s cozy and soft at the same time.


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

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    • Kathryn Respuesta

      It looks like it doesn’t it @Marie? I’ve never actually made a Mobius though, believe it or not.

  1. Hermosa! I love Paton’s Silk-BambooI’ve never actually worked with it in crochet, but my mom has used it for a number of woven scarves, and it’s a lovely yarn. The texture and colours of your cowl are amazing. It looks super-cozy and the waffly-look is really appealing.

    • Kathryn Respuesta

      Gracias @Kathleen … It’s a yarn that I really enjoy working with and I definitely love thatwaffly” Mira. It’s got a great feeling texture.

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