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Last week I came across an article about two women who yarnbombed a tree after being inspired by Olek’s Wall Street Bull. The work doesn’t look anything like Olek’s but it does have a whole story behind it that is really rather touching and I wanted to share it here. And then I kind of started hopping from video to video on YouTube and found a bunch of other videos of yarnbombed trees that I wanted to share.

So here they are and I hope you enjoy the beautiful crochet and knit work regardless of your personal opinions on the controversial craft of yarnbombing. En realidad, in some circles many of these trees wouldn’t even be

Crochet Tree Sweater

This is the aforementioned touching video. Original source.

6th Graders Crochet a Tree

After reading an article about a woman who yarnbombed a tree during homeroom, children in the 6th grade wanted to do the same thing. 92 kids learned to crochet (although some of them did already know how) and then yarnbombed a tree in their own school yard.

Yarn Bombing a Huge Tree

This no-words video shows a pair wrapping a huge piece of already crocheted/knit fabric around the base of a very large tree. Most of the tree yarn bombs I’ve seen have been around thin trees so I found this kind of intriguing.

Snowflake Tree Yarnbombing

Éste, done by the Jafagirls, is just really pretty to me. I don’t visually tend to like most of the “Patchwork” style yarn bombing that I see but this all-white one feels really beautiful to me.

Lots of Yarnbombed Trees

What I like about this no-sound video is that it starts off showing a lot of yarnbombed trees in one park in Seattle and then switches to showing off a mural. This seems like a silent statement on the idea that yarn bombing is intended to be public art with ties to the graffiti community.

Have you seen any yarnbombed trees in person? I’ve seen lots of other yarnbombing in the San Francisco Bay Area but I haven’t actually seen any trees done here.


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

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