El elemento que ves recomendados anteriormente originalmente iba a ser parte de mi línea de vestido de ganchillo reasingado. Hice el frente (que ves aquí) y realmente me gustó. However I then had trouble with the back and it ended up as one of my recent frogging projects. I frogged the back off of it and was going to start over with a new back, but now that I’ve had it sitting here for a little bit, I’m thinking it might work better as is, as an apron instead of a dress.

The yellow part of the dress was the top part of a tank top that I purchased for a couple of bucks at Goodwill for the specific purpose of adding crochet to it for my repurposed dress project. After cutting off the rest of the fabric from the tank, I was left with what’s basically a yoke that goes over the head.

Originally I thought I’d make a dress front-and-back style instead of in-the-round like I normally do. I did that with Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool in what’s basically ribbed treble crochet with a few openwork design rows in the middle of the piece. I really liked how the front came out. Sin embargo, the front is actually wider than is ideal so I had some trouble making the back. It didn’t help that I ran out of that yarn and tried to be creative with a flash of pink on the back. The whole thing just didn’t work so the back got completely taken off recently and will now be part of my in-the-work crochet art project called Swaddle.

Yesterday I went to go figure out what I wanted to do with this and I put it over my head to get some ideas. Cuando lo hice, I realized that it is actually shaped a lot like an apron right now. And I started thinking that perhaps it’s actually better as an apron than as a dress. I’m a bit undecided because I think I would wear it as a dress if I got the back right. And the truth is I probably won’t wear it as an apron because I never use an apron (because I barely cook) so it would have to be an item to sell or give away. But I think I might like it better as an apron anyway. I’m thinking about getting rid of the pink tie and choosing a different color that isn’t as shocking. And if it’s going to be an apron then it needs at least one pocket in frontperhaps a kind of funky pocket like a flower shape or something? Así, it’s still a WIP. Vamos a ver.

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  1. I never wear aprons, tampoco (and I cook a lot), but I think this would make a fantastic apron. I really love the openwork design in the skirt bit, and I think that a yellow flower/doily-esque pocket to match the top half might be kind of amazing.

    • Kathryn Respuesta

      Gracias @Kathleen – I love your idea for a yellow pocket reminiscent of the top portion of the apron. I think I’m going to move forward with finishing this as an apron.

  2. I think an apron would be a great gift for someone (since you don’t wear aprons) – a yellow waist tie would look nice. :)

  3. I think the apron idea is really cool but if your never going to wear it I would make it a dress because I think that will look beautiful when finished! its so hard though, both would be lovely, maybe if you made the apron you could give it to someone?!

    • Kathryn Respuesta

      @Sam – Gracias por los comentarios. I think that I’m probably going to make it an apron and give it away or sell it.

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