7 Crochet Sombrero Patterns for Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I thought I’d share some sombrero crochet patterns today in honor of the holiday.

1. Hot Sauce Crochet Sombrero

crochet sombrero patterns

Crochet Geek brings us a free crochet pattern and video tutorial for a crochet sombrero and matching cape designed to go on Hot Sauce. Work this up quickly as a gift to bring to any parties you might be attending today!

2. Cute Crochet Chili Pepper with Sombrero

crochet sombrero

Harmony Rose was inspired by Jean Herman’s chili peppers crochet pattern to create a chili pepper character with an adorable sombrero. The sombrero crochet pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.

3. Sombrero Crochet Needle Case

crochet sombrero pattern

This cute little sombrero looks innocent but it’s hiding sewing needles inside! This sombrero crochet pattern from Buffeted by Snails is available for sale through Craftsy. Patternsalacarte on Etsy sells a similar vintage crochet pattern.

4. Crochet Dog Sombrero and Poncho

crochet dog sombrero

If you’ve got a small dog that you want to dress up then this crochet sombrero and poncho pattern set is a fun costume. The pattern is for sale on Ravelry by Stephany’s Stitches. Posh Pooch Designs also has a similar dog crochet pattern for sale.

5. Sombrero Crab Crochet Toy

crochet crab pattern

I’m not sure what a crab might have to do with Cinco de Mayo but this little creature is cute in his sombrero. This crochet pattern is sold on Craftsy by FlyingDutchman.

6. Sombrero Crochet Potholder

sombrero crochet potholder

BlondiesSpot over on Etsy has a set of vintage crochet potholder patterns for sale that includes a crochet pattern for a sombrero potholder. Too cute.

7. Wearable Crochet Sombrero

crochet sombrero hat

Most of these crochet sombrero patterns have just been for fun but if you actually want one that you can wear then check out this pattern by Pradeepa for sale over on Craftsy.


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