Crochet Owls to Watch Over Kids in Foster Care

Hooter by Nicky Epstein

Hooter by Nicky Epstein is one of the free crochet owl patterns available to people who want to participate in Give a Hoot.

There is no end to the number of different crochet for a cause opportunities that are available. We can’t participate in them all but it’s good to give your time (and yarn) to a few of them each year. It allows you to crochet something new, give something to someone in need and use your craft in a way that you can really be proud of. If you’re looking for a new cause to crochet for then you might want to check out “Give a Hoot, Make an Owl”.

Give a Hoot asks you to crochet one or two owls to donate to “watch over” children in need. Owls, of course, stay awake all night and the idea is that this handmade creature can bring some comfort to kids who are up in the middle of the night due to illness or fear. As the crocheter you can choose where your donation goes. One of the options is to kids in foster care.

I don’t think I’ve written about this here before (because there hasn’t been a reason) but foster care is a cause close to my own heart because I was a foster parent for two years. I had worked in a therapeutic group home for a year, which led me to doing work with Child Protective Services and ultimately to the decision to be a foster parent. I was only 23 when I get licensed to do foster care and in the end I realized I was just too young to be raising kids basically on my own. Nevertheless, there were things that I really loved about being a foster parent and it’s something I’d definitely consider doing again in the future. I won’t go on and on about all of the horrors of kids in the system but suffice to say that I’ve drafted a book about my experiences and years later I still can’t bring myself to edit it because of the emotional strain I feel every time I revisit it all.

The creator of this great idea is Jenny King,

So, that said, I think foster care is a great cause to donate to and that’s what really caught me eye about this particular project.

6 thoughts on “Crochet Owls to Watch Over Kids in Foster Care”

  1. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for letting me know about this organization; I have come to count on a visit to your blog for all the info on what is going on in the world of crochet.
    My grandparents were foster parents back in the 70’s (after raising 10 children of their own!) and I agree, the kids in foster care need all the love and help they can get.

    • @Ann – Thanks tons for sharing. I can’t imagine raising ten biological children and give your grandparents tons of credit for being able to do that and still have love in their hearts to open their home to other children too. That is awesome! So glad that my blog can be a source of this kind of information.

  2. What happened to the pattern? I have a non for profit children’s safe space that the children would love this. Can you send the pattern to my email. [email protected]. I will send you a copy of the link for the organization that i want to make these for.


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