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    1. I had a miscarriage last summer (7 months ago) at 11 weeks.  I was completely devastated.  I read many, many blog posts about healing from miscarriage, and 1 of them suggested crafting such as knitting or crochet.  I made my husband a huge knitted scarf.  It helped focus me, and sometimes I cried when I was knitting.  My friends were making blankets for babies in the NICU, and I decided to make blankets to donate for bereaved parents.  It was hard, because I bought yarn labeled “baby,” but I told myself it was to keep me from avoiding the pain of grief.  More than productive, it felt important.  It was spiritual.  I would think about the family, holding their baby in the hospital in the blanket I was making, and what I would say to them, what they were going through.  I felt connected to this family that I may never know.  I cried, and I spoke to my baby while crocheting.  I think crochet provided a safer space to grieve.  I brought the blanket to the dr’s office, where I was depressed being around the pregnant women after my loss.  When I got pregnant again, I worried about the new baby, and I brought the blanket on the train and to the dr’s office.  Sitting in the office for sometimes more than an hour, I could end up ruminating about my fears, and the crochet helped me focus on breathing, staying in the moment, and the reality that there was nothing I could do, and that I didn’t know anything yet.  This weekend, I washed the cat hair and cat dander out of the blanket and little tiny hats, and put them in a plastic bag to protect them from our cat mistaking them for a squirrel.  I edited the letter to the bereaved family, and I will give it all to the leader of the support group this week.  I’m really proud of myself for finishing the blanket and hats, and for facing my grief in a healthy way (most of the time), instead of drinking it away or eating bad things.  I got more rainbow yarn (rainbows are gender-neutral and more interesting than green and yellow), and I’m making another blanket, because the grief doesn’t go away, even with a new pregnancy.  I think without crochet, and without using a yarn labeled “baby,” I would have ended up dealing with my grief in unhealthy ways.

    2. i printed a crochet pattern ,I first had to translated from Dutch to english,THis word “Knob” and “hstgm’ dbstgm’ and is there a differnece between “Bud stitch and Popcorn?
      Really appreciate any in put,I have tried searching and the “lm” i found is a chain stitch! 
      Thank You 

    3. Is there a way to shorten a chevron crochet afghan from the bottom?  The first 30 rows are wide stripes of color, but now I want the stripes to be narrower.  Can I remove half the widths of two wider bands of color and somehow graft them back together  in narrower stripes of color?  In other words, I could use the Kitchener stitch to graft stripes together if this were knitting.  Is there an equivalent technique in crochet?

    4. I’m seeking a vegan alternative for wool – specifically to make dryer balls. any ideas on what natural fibers shrink or meld together when washed & dried like wool does? many thanks

    5. you have a pattern that features the purple flower granny square afghan along with various squares listed as a free pattern from bernat. yet when you click on the link , it does not take you to the pattern. :(

    6. knghtwolf1971 It looks like the pattern you’re referring to is in this post: … Unfortunately, I wrote that post in 2012 and it seems that the link has changed since that. Yarnspirations doesn’t seem to have that pattern anymore and I can no longer locate it online anywhere.

    7. knghtwolf1971 If the link doesn’t take you to a pattern you can go to the site and use the search section for the pattern. If that doesn’t work you can ask if it is in their archive. Not finding a pattern seems to be a problem for many yarn sites.

    8. My charity is called Rylee’s Hope.
      We are in need of crocheted or knitted baby blankets ( boy, girl and neutral) hats (premie, micro premie and newborn sizes) dresses, burial gowns, etc. if you have any other ideas please let me know!
      Address to send items to is : 7223 Taylor’s ferry road, Bessemer Alabama 35023.
      There is no deadline, I try and donate at lease every couple months.
      Here is my page if you would like to go check it out:)
      I lost my daughter Rylee Brooke on February 8th, 2014. I received a box while in the hospital and it truly means the world to me. That is why I started this charity to give back to others that unfortunately are in the same position as I was.
      I am donating to Brookwood women’s center in Birmingham Alabama. Every donation will be listed on a card inside the box and on our page. Anything you can do will greatly be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to help us and the families going through this!
      If you have any other questions just ask!:)
      Thank you again!

    9. yes, i purchased one of your crochet patterns for a navy afghan and it was not sent to my email. I went to check on it and print it but it hasn’t been sent.
      It was a naval afghan with a anchor on it .
      thank you
      cathe arango

      • Hi Catherine,

        I do not offer any patterns for sale. I link to a wide variety of other people’s work in an effort to share the beauty of the crochet community through my blog. Perhaps you followed one of my links to a seller and then purchased from there? I hope that you can locate the maker of the pattern and get your situation worked out.


    10. Hi…

      My name is Monica and I have a Master’s from NYU. For my Master’s thesis, I did a study on The Therapeutic Value of Quilting. The results of my research were in part exactly what I thought they would be. The extent of effect quilting had on my responders was far beyond my wildest expectations!!! There were a few reasons people quilted that a lot of quilters shared. The top reasons included instant gratification–when people are not feeling their best, it’s good for them to see that they are able to create something beautiful. The feeling that they are able to do for someone else since most of the time quilters make for others. And the biggie was it is had to feel bad when you’re making something so beautiful for someone else–who isn’t feeling all that good!
      So my thought is that any one of the fiber arts–or anything made by hand–has definite therapeutic value!!

    11. Crochet…. brings out the best in me. I am very much a giver by genetics and heritage. When I cannot give something in me dies. We moved to the backwoods of Alaska. My husband dream and my nightmare. It has been a very lonely journey. I have always been crafty. I started to crochet again and give most of it away to the homeless shelters. My husband saw the good it brought out in me and now he buys most of my yarn and frequents the second hand stores for yarn. I love it. I rarely am lonely now. I just think of the next person who might wear the item I am making.

    12. Hello Kathryn

      I have been working with a brilliant Crochet artists named Gina Gallina for about two years. In 2013 we did a project called #Yarnography and on the 28th we will be launching a new installation called #Yarnolutionary. I thought you might be interested in seeing her work. Please let me know if I can connect you.

      Here are some links:

      This is a video I did in 2013 to publicize our #yarnography exhibition:

      Here are photos of that work:

      Here are a couple of the #yarnolutuonary images. More are on their way:

      • Thanks Jeremy,

        I saw the exhibit via Twitter and definitely think it looks interesting. I have a mention of it going into my Link Love roundup on Saturday. I’d love to do a full post about all of the work that you’ve done together.


    13. Hi,

      I love your blog, it is one of my favorites! Unfortunately some months ago your site was suddenly atomatically translated into Dutch. The result is horrible and practically unreadable. I cannot figure out how to turn this of. It only happens on your site. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is it caused by some setting on your site I have no inluence on? Can somebody help please? Thanks!

    14. I ride the train to work every day. The train ride is about 2 hours each way and when I started traveling to work this way, I filled the time with work. I arrived at work exhausted and found myself struggling to focus. My job is very high stress and even though I never saw myself as a business woman, the money I was making in this job was putting my son through college, paying for my home in a down market and paying off my own school debt.

      Taking on this job was tough–prior to this commitment I had worked 3 days a week and spent all of my free time quilting, painting, gardening–anything creative. Now, my time was not my own and I felt like I was having a perpetual pity party about all I had lost to provide for my family.

      One day on the train I saw a woman crocheting a shocking pink afghan. We began to talk and she told me that she had started passing the time by crocheting and she found it relaxing and therapeutic. I had done little beyond a simple granny square but I knew the basic principles of crochet and knew I could figure the rest out. 3 years later I have probably crocheted 200 baby sweaters, 50 afghans and a variety of other projects. I donate the baby sweaters to a hospital gift shop and give the afghans to employees whose loved ones have passed away.

      Now I actually look forward to my long commute and I arrive at work ready for the work part of it. People often comment how relaxed and at peace I seem. I honestly attribute this to crochet. I don’t know if crochet saved my life, but I do know that it helps me unravel complex problems, it gives me a sense of accomplishment, it reminds me that behind my business suit is an artist.

    15. Kathryn, Hello! Please help me telling me where can I buy, online, this wool Puro por Novita. I know it is from Iceland but I fell in love with the colours and I’d really like to work withe the colours. Can you be so kind to let me know?
      Thanking you so much… Yours truly, Ana

      • I actually got this yarn from a friend who bought it when traveling to Iceland. I’m not sure if it’s available online. Your best bet might be to see if anyone who has it in their “stash” on Ravelry is willing to sell it.

    16. I had a breakdown 3 years ago and tried to overdose. Afterwards I was too numb with feelings and medications to even read. I started knitting and crocheting, mostly charity knits, poppies and smoothie hats. After a while, the local craft superstore asked if I would be interested in running a little afterschool club as they’d had a lot of schoolkids asking to learn to knit and crochet. Now I run two groups in that store. I have made so many friends with staff and adults. The children are getting to be accomplished knitters and crocheters.
      Tomorrow I will celebrate my second Worldwide knit/crochet in public Day, in the store. I can vouch for the healing woolcraft can bring, and the new friends I’ve made since my life “fell apart”. As I’m learning to recover from the depression, my hands are busy with wool in many colours and my heart is lighter for it.

      Nottingham England

      • Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s very touching. I’m happy that you were able to find crochet and knitting to help you and that has continued to offer so many benefits. HUGS.

    17. Hola, es cierto lo del crochet, tengo años padeciendo de depresión, vivo en Venezuela y la situación del país es tan difícil, con la falta de alimentos, colas arbitrariedades y mas, que empece a tener episodios de angustia. Tratando de encontrar una solución, se me ocurrió aprender crochet, a lo que me había negado siempre, y ahora, no puedo dejar de tejer algo, todo ha empeorado en el país, pero cuando estoy en compañía de las agujas y un material muy económico que encontré, (imposible comprar hilos para tejer por los costos), siento que todo es mas llevadero, me maravilla lo que se puede crear con pocos puntos, como puede surgir algo hermoso, de entretejer hilos, no importa si el material es costoso o económico, siempre se puede uno ilusionar aunque sea un poco con ver que logra crear ,en mi caso con la ayuda de tantas y tantas mujeres creativas y maravillosas que encuentras en las redes. saludos

    18. I was sexually abuse by my father over a period of several years. I was also relentlessly bullied and tormented throughout my childhood, both at home by my older siblings and at school. If it had not been for crochet and music, I would be either dead or crazy or both, now. It’s that simple. Sometimes I just crochet single crochet back for forth for yards just to be able to not hurt or think or remember. The combination of the music and the crochet involve both sides of my brain so that I can really focus on something creative. THANK YOU so much for giving us a space to share our stories.

    19. Hi, I’m new to this site and maybe what I’m looking for isn’t available. I love the afghan in the rainbow page It’s called Rainbow Wolf Crochet. Is there a pattern available or for sale? I really like the idea of different stitches in one pattern. Please advise. Diana

    20. KATHRYN:
      I am tracking the parcel with Mandalas for Wink and on Oct. 26 it could not been received, and it should be in your post office.
      It adds the address is not enough to be delivered.
      The number is CP978406913CL from Chile.
      Maybe you can ask over there.


    21. Will you please accept a Mandala for Marinke submitted from the East Coast at this late date? My teen-aged daughter and I were both hospitalized for depression this fall and the deadline got away from me, but the project is important to me and close to my heart. Thank you for your consideration, and either way, thank you for all you have done to bring attention to this issue. Stitch on.

    22. Hi Kathryn

      Thank you so much for your inspiring blog. I am also suffering from anxiety and it can be very lonely. My Mom taught me to crochet when i was very young and I enjoy doing it very much. I am so grateful for reading your article in Simply Crochet today because it has given me hope because some days I am really struggeling to keep my head above water.

    23. bonjour, moi aussi depuis un an à la suite d’une opération et d’une maladie, le crochet m’a permis de ne pas craquer. Depuis je n’arrête plus c’est devenu vital pour moi. Merci pour votre blog qui m’a encouragée. Vera

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    26. Interesting website, but did you know that ‘concupiscence’ means sexual lust? It isn’t synonymous with a plain ol’ desire for something, nor is it not synonymous with ‘lust’ in the sense of a generalized yearning for something. In fact, Catholics use the term to talk about a desire to sin, usually one driven by lust/sexual desire. In this context, speaking about crochet, it seems an odd word choice — especially considering that one of the synonyms for concupiscence is ‘horniness’. I do love crochet, but it certainly doesn’t make me horny!

      Please note that this comment isn’t meant in a mean-spirited way, merely to say that small issues such as this undermine your credibility as a writer — they indicate a lack of research and a ‘let’s use a thesaurus to sound smarter’ mentality. Your message is a good one; it would be a shame to reach fewer people due to a lack of polish on the writing.

      • Thanks for the feedback. I’m familiar with the usage of the word. Years ago, when I started the site, I was charmed by the juxtaposition of such a word with a craft like crochet. I felt like it spoke to the subversiveness of craft and the many women who have reinvented their lives in small, quiet ways.

    27. Hi,
      Just wondering if you accept advertisements on
      ? If so, then I’d love the chance to buy some space from you.

      Let me know if you’d like to hear more and we can arrange a deal.


    28. I have given up trying to find someone who will teach crochet indepth and not just spending a few minutes showing you how to do a stitch. I have learned a lot from the internet and books but I still feel lost. Can you recommend some vintage books that actually teach crochetting.

    29. Hi, First I want to say thank you and I love your sites name. Yes crochet has been a lifeline for me as well. After a recurring episode of PTSD, I pushed me until I could not go on. I am an RN but had to give it up because my thought process took a vacation. What to do when your life has been 90 to nothing. Learn to crochet. You have a pattern that fascinates me (more than one actually) but this one is small pink flowers, dozens of them piled on top of each other. When I typed in Square motif pattern it came as an example. However I cannot find it on your site. Do you know which one I refer to? thanks for any help pat Blessed day to you

    30. You have posted a picture of rectangle grannies. I know how to join as you go and also know how to make the rectangles. Boulder live to see the entire afghan, so I know how to place the rectangles.. Thanks so much. I have searched the web but cannot find.

    31. Hello,
      I’m French, and the wordpress automatic translation is miserable, it’s so bad that it is impossible to continue reading in French after 30 seconds…
      Nevertheless, thanks for this wonderful website !!!

    32. I wanted to thank you for posting your article spotlighting my sister’s crocheting, Muslim Stitchcraft. She’s extremely talented and I’m glad others got a chance to see this as well. :)

    33. The problem is this.
      I am an exhibiting artist who uses embroidery and crochet in her work. These days, so long as the artwork is the artist’s idea she/he does not have to do it herself.
      Whilst at university my tutors suggested I get my embroidery done in China as it’s so labour intensive. However a professor who goes to China regularly spoke up..”No” he said, ‘you must do your embroidery yourself, if you have your embroidery done in China the old Chinese women who do it will go blind, it would be unethical”. Agreeing, I decided to do it myself. That is what worries me about Sophie Digard and others who outsource their embroidery/crochet to workers in third world countries (and China).

    34. I should add this: after four years embroidering and crocheting in fine cottons every day, my eyesight has deteriorated significantly, I’ve had to change glasses three times – they get stronger and stronger.

    35. Hello, I was wondering if these patterns were written in English? I’m new to this craft and have seen translated patterns that didn’t come out quite like they were supposed to. So I was just wondering. I think I’m in love with these flower babies! Thanks, deborah

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